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Grapefruit? have any info on this strain?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bcustom28k, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Just picked up some grapefruit. He said that was the name of it. Im guessing its grapefruit.. something .

    does anyone know anything about this strain, or possible strain.

    It is def. wicked nice, and tastes grapfruity but not overwhelming

    any info appreciated. i can get some macbook pics if anyone wants
  2. Why you wouldn't post the pics in your original post i have no idea. But, yeah, i would think pictures would help.
  3. here yah go assclown. ur right tho im a lazy fuck. bad quality cause its my macbook cam.

    Attached Files:

  4. prob a local strain, i never heard of it looks decent, mite be the cam but, no crystals?
  5. yea thats some bomb lookin weed...looks fuckin hairy...but ya never know till ya smoke it.....but most likely its not grapefruit....i wouldnt take anything ppl say seriously enless i see it grown or im gettin it at hempfest
  6. Yeah its just the cam , it looks wicked tasty crytally
  7. all rite well thats straight, cheif the 420!
  8. in sac you can get grapefruit diesel, its a sativa, pretty fuity smelling
  9. Damn I just got done smoking dank and eating a grapefruit...I wish I coulda done it all in one and just smoked some grapefruit :smoke:
  10. Its not a local strain, Its a pretty common dank.

    I believe its a product by greenhouse seed co.

    you can find them on
  11. The grapefruit I've gotten in the past has been thin long buds, light in colour, kind of yellowish but more green, has a fruity smell. The name I think came from the smell as most bubblegum strains or fruit strains.

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