Grapefruit appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by fm_skunk, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. damn I'm feeling pretty faded right now off some xannies n bud, and then I started reading up on benzos. It just so happens that grapefruit interacts with benzos (xan, valium) and it increases it's overall effects.

    Also as some of you might or might not know, grapefruit juice can GREATLY intensify a DXM trip. I took my usuall does one time (a bottle of robo, or the pills) and my trip with the grapefruit added so much more too it. everything was much more psychedelic and intense. Even more trippy than just dxm alone.

    It also doesn't taste that bad :p
  2. fuckk yeah I remember my dad doing this once he figured it out :D

    he was so faded you have no clue
  3. damn that's tight my mom always had grapefruits when i was a kid and i absolutely hated em, now i got a reason to eat em. X is to OJ as benzos is to grapefruit. natural fruits helping your high ftw!
  4. its not just grapefruits that do this, most anything with citric acid and vit C do this as well..

    OJ and some X go REAL well together, but I like the cold smoothness of Grapejucie when I roll
  5. As dude said, Citric acid and Vitamin C potentiate and increase a trip.

    Shrooms and Orange Juice work pretty decently.

    I really enjoy grapefruits on their own. A little sugar on top, and they're absolutely amazing! I would suggest you go out and run, or do some sports though... All that sugar isn't good, haha.
  6. yuuup. When i was hardcore taking xans everyday i'd probably go threw at least 2 bottles of grapefruit juice a day. Turned out i was more addicted to the juice then the bars
  7. Grapefruit rocks!

  8. Yup, I don't even trip anymore without grapefruit juice. That shit rocks my socks.
  9. Not that its that important, but what kindaaa juice u guys usually get. Dole for me cause its 100% real juice and i haven't found anything else with 100% juice. Everything else is usually like 35%

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