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  1. Hey guys, I'll be doing a grow log on here for 10 clones and a 39 inch "mother" grape god, all purple phenos which I hear means even more massive yields and more potent smoke, as well as being purple of course.

    3 foot tall mother is in FFOF and is wider than is tall, haha.
    5 clones in each 10 gal tote dwc, with 2 totes.
    40k lumens of fluoro light for veg and flower, the sunblaze 48.

    So I took 3 clones 10 days ago and 2 are rooted. No rooting solution used whatsoever, only 1/5th strength bloom nutes for the phosphates to root faster.
    Planning on popping all my plants into flower when my clones reach 2/3rd of the mother's height. I'm anticipating that would mean maybe 5-6 weeks of pure veg 18/6 light schedule btw, and will have a 4 foot tall canopy, by 4 feet wide, by 2 feet long. In a DWC I expect huge yields from that, esp from this strain AND the fact that they're all phenos.

    Will update with pictures every day to every week until this grow has finished.
    Legal Closet Medigrow and will have me set on my smoke for quite some time.
    I anticipate this grow to be about 100 days, taking into account that Grape God is a pretty solid and steady strain said to ripen in 55 days from 12/12. Will keep you guys updated!
  2. I plan to add supplemental CFL side lighting since I'm growing such tall plants with fluoro's
  3. Training techniques will be supercropping, and will most likely scrog when I have the extra cash to get a siphon for ease of dwc+scrog's refilling the reservoir. Can't have too wide a canopy, my t5's take up the whole width and length of my closet haha.

    Also, NUTES for DWC are simply ph perfect sensi grow and bloom a/b, b-52 and superthrive (only during veg, may add to one res in flowering to see any added benefits)

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