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Grape Ape Purple

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Easius, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Very yummy purple, all the nugs are very dark purple, you can feel trichs flake off like crazy when you touch it.


  2. if i could pick any strain to smoke Grape Ape would be it, so jealous
  3. i want all of that. +rep
  4. no wayyyyyyyy
  5. hOlY DiCk!!! dat shit right there is da bomb son!! hahaha shit looks good though!
  6. Beautiful!
  7. om nom nom! nice budsssssss
  8. 5* Ganja right their!
  9. Man that one nug is just solid purple how was it?
  10. that nug reminds me of barney.
  11. That is amazing Cannabis!

    Congratulations on a super dank pickup my friend!

    Give us a smoke report after you've tried some!
  12. Dude i think i picked up the same bud as you... or maybe i'm just reaaalllllyyy high lol.

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  13. amazing looking bud.
    i have never smoked any purple but this makes me want to try and track some down...
    happy smoking!
  14. very nice nugs man, just recently found out my uncle grows Grape Ape! havent been able to see the product but im sure its tasty
  15. Most tasty bud i've had ever. Clear highh. Lucky ass. I have to deal with this blue cheese and g13.:rolleyes::mad:
  16. love this stuff, so yummy. Tastes great. Have a bunch of it and debating getting more!
  17. looks amazing. the grape ape i got didnt have any purple in it, just that crazy delicious grape flavor on the exhale. must have been a dif pheno. check it out in my pickup thread. how much did you get? is it medi?
  18. reminds me of a grape looks soo ill

  19. I picked up a qp. Not medi.

  20. It's my girlfriends and we are saving it for something special. Maybe the last nug. Let you know how it goes if I remember to .

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