Grape Ape or Not Too Grape Ape

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  1. Hola everyone! My baby turned three months old today and I have a two questions for anyone who maybe might be more clued in than I am. Her name is Charlie Jean, supposedly Grape Ape as advertised by my local Denver dispensary where I bought her. Thing is, her skinny leaves seem WAY more sativa than the 90% indica dominant profile which makes up Grape Ape strain... The leaves in all the pics I have seen of Grape Ape online are supremely fatter...

    Secondly, her older leaves are turning yellow... Growing in a ten gallon pot of organic super soil watered with Ph adjusted water. I added Fox farms Tiger Bloom which has a bit of N which greened up the newer growth but older leaves still turning yellow. Am two weeks into flower so I hesitate to add more N than Tiger Bloom does, what do ya think? Grape ape supposedly has an extended flower time so I think I have a couple months more to go. I attached a pic but I just removed about twenty yellow leaves (thought about posting this just after I did DOH!)

    Other random factoids: 1) Fed Fox Farms Big Bloom half strength since second month 2) Fed black strap molasses twice twice, yesterday and two weeks ago 3) Plant has VERY little fragrance. Grew a Chocalope strain last year which stank hardcore by this time....

    Appreciate any help!

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