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Granny's list got shut down!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Storm Crow, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Well kids, my Canadian email got shut down! I can't send or receive emails there. The error message I get says too much "suspicious activity" is occurring- in other words- educating folks about cannabis is a big no-no! :confused_2: So much for free speech in Canada!

    So a friend of mine has set up a new email for the list at her site. :hello: To get your free copy of my list of over 1000 MMJ studies, please go to i.wantgrannyslist(at)

    Granny :wave:
  2. thank you for your hard work and dedication in educating the masses on the most harmless most beneficial plant known to man, and hopefully nothing bad comes upon you or your family becuz of the ignorance and intolerance of a few..
  3. How dare you inform people on a plant!


    Damn feds, they need to crack down on meth labs instead of cannabis smokers.
  4. Thank you Granny for all your hard work!:hello:

    And I wish they'd get the meth lab across the road from me, it stinks!
  5. That stinks that your list got shut down Granny.

    I'll definatly email ya for the list, it always feels good to educate people about the harmless plant we call Marijuana.
  6. Granny has been received into the Cannabis Truth hall of fame!

    You know you are hurting them, when their goon squad shows up. It's just like they did to overgrow, and Marc Emery.

    Your list is in good company. :eek:
  7. keep fighting the good fight.

    peace and love man
  8. The World needs more Grannies like u :)
  9. The best part is if the only bust you for the list, it cant happen.
  10. you believed in free speech?
  11. I wonder if anyone really realizes the value of your list in a court of law. In the hands of a really good defense attorney, I could see the next three months of having expert witnesses read all of the good that comes from Canabis as opposed to no studies that have shown healing properties from Alcohol or Cigarettes, both legal. There is a thing called "Jury Nullification" and that basically over rides any law that is unfit or unjust. Your list is the absolute bible for any defense lawyer. At the end of about two weeks of testimony, I can imagine how stupid any prosecutor will look in front of the eyes of the Jury and yet, an expert would only be reading word for word "Granny's Little list". don't worry about the Mounties censoring your email. The truth will always overcome evil. Good luck and your list has served it's purpose, it's got the bastards questioning if they are right and whose side God is really on. I think you won.
  12. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    This quote comes to mind..

    Keep up the great work - your list continues to be an incredible resource and site for many of us and really is the largest, most organized collection of its kind available on the net!
  13. We have our fair share of bad guys up here. The list is alive and kicking in three Canadian forums I go to. The list will only get longer. It's unstoppable.

    peace and pot
  14. Wow. That's unfortunate and absurd.

    Thank you for continuing to be such a big help to the medical marijuana community!

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