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Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Storm Crow, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. In what fashion? The GC copy seems to work OK. The face book is there, and I checked the Granny's list email this morning and sent out a copy. The GP google document format IS experiencing some problems, but "somedude" is working on it. But, I don't have that document listed here, so I doubt if that is what you are referring to. Please inform me as to why you say my list is "down" (with a "sad" face).

    And dale, if I were rich, I certainly would have the full studies. But I'm not. Part-time teacher's aides get paid chicken "feed" wages. Caring for my family comes in WAY before getting full studies for my list! If you would kindly care to donate about 30 thousand dollars to me, I will correct the "full study" problem as soon as possible.

    I think you sell doctors way short! A GOOD doctor will investigate any information that a patient brings him/her about their treatment! A doctor who will not even consider new evidence is NOT worth seeing! And doctors CAN easily afford to pay the $30+ that each study costs!

    And if you have a problem with the abstracts lacking data, or having poor methodology, take it up with those who do them. Their names, locations and sometimes, their direct contact information, are on the studies and abstracts!

    As for the fact that there are studies are dealing with synthetics, well, I find them interesting AND IT IS MY LIST! They are variations on the theme of natural cannabis. Also, I feel they offer clues to the untapped capabilities of natural cannabis. I would love there to be more studies with natural cannabis and excellent methodology, but I can only collect what exists! Again, take your griping where it belongs- to those that are causing it- the researchers. Go tell THEM what YOU think they should be researching.

    My list is MY hobby that I happen to share with others. I don't have to do this, but I choose to. I think I get to decide what I do for my own intellectual pleasure. And if you don't like my list, imperfect as it is-

    GO MAKE YOUR OWN LIST AND OUT DO ME! :p I'd honestly love to see it!

    Granny :wave:
  2. lol. ive thought about it. but honestly if i get some time, i have access to thousands of these journals right now and I could go through getting pdf versions. not sure about copyright infringement republishing them for the list though...
  3. Yep- getting sued for copyright infringement is a real drag! But go right on ahead dale, let's see what you can do!
  4. Bump this..
  5. its stickied bro....
  6. Great list. It is hard to find unbiased information on marijuana. A couple of years ago, the news said marijuana might cause prostrate cancer. Now there is scientific evidence that cannabis might prevent it. I might just bookmark this for further reading.
  7. Just for my favorite kids at GC, a sneak preview of the unfinished July list!

    My son's laptop died (temporarily- he was able to replace the part that fried) and that got me worrying about what might happen if MY dinosaur of a computer died! I had just added a big mess of studies and I didn't want to risk losing them! So, I'm an admin at GP (a purely MMJ site) and I posted it up there- unfinished, errors and all. (The "errors" are mostly "neatening it up" stuff and a few double entries in some categories. Not info errors or bad links!)

    July's list is going to be very large! This half-way point version is already at 250 pages! So If you liked the January list- you'll love the Equinox version! And July's list ought to just about put you in heaven! :hello:

    And dale, you don't have to be disappointed about getting abstracts any longer- each study is now clearly marked with whether it is a full, abstract, or news article! And I have replaced many of the abstracts with the full studies (this is where a lot of those double entries happened :eek: ).

    This list is not being released to the public- Just to a few friends like Loretta Nall, Carl Olsen, PUFFMM, etc. who can do the most good with it. (I have to draw a line somewhere, guys. There are only so many hours in a day- and I DO have a life!) I will be sending out the July version, though, so you guys can get it then! And everyone who has a "January list", will get the "July update" as soon as it is ready. :D (You don't have the January version? :eek: Email me ASAP! The addy is in my sig.)

    Granny :wave:
  8. #29 Caribbeanbreeze, Mar 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2010
    Why hasn't GC made you an admin yet, Granny?

    Anything mmj I need to check out, I immediately search your threads :D

    +rep, even though you already have more than enough

    I just became a fan of your facebook page :D.
    Hopefully my parents, who are also on facebook, look at it and stop hassling me about mmj whenever I go home
  9. Aaaahhhh, come on! Give me a break! :p I have to have SOME time to be me! There is only so much time in a day! I really don't need to be modding here, too! lol The mods here do a great job! They don't need me, a total computer dummy, messing things up!

    Granny :wave:
  10. This is truly a gem. THANK YOU SO MUCH.... if you posted all this in effort "to help at least one person"..... your mission has been accomplished. I am that person. you should be proud, and once again thank you TONS for sharing your results from what had to be thousands of hours of research.

    simply cannot thank you enough.....
  11. Oh my GOD!!

    I was reading all the things that cannabis can help with and I read a large number of the studies. They say it causes so many problems, but I was about halfway through the list and began laughing out loud. I thought, "GOOD LORD! What does this NOT treat!?" I'll be sure to show this to some friends. Thank you SO much for compiling this!

    Well in light of all this information, I think I'm going to call my dealer :)
  12. Great Info, Thanks. Still have a lot to read but this will really help people if they take the time to read it.
  13. Granny good to see you here too! A buddy from Sentry talked me into signing up here. Good to know there are other familiar faces!
    I love everything you do, keep it up...please.
  14. Incredible. Thank you so much OP. I'm doing a speech on why Cannabis should be legalised and this thread gives me more than enough supporting information for when I discuss its medicinal benefits. Thank you once again, means a lot and has saved me much time. :D
  15. Pilky, hon, this is the OLD list - only 250 pages! :p The NEW one, 420 pages, is posted up as a sticky! LOTS more info! Good luck with the speech! :D

    This little article I did, might give you some more interesting ideas-

    Cannabis Reduces Infant Mortality - Salem-News.Com
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