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Granny Storm Crow's list-July 2009

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fallforlife, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. This is great. Really. Probably the most helpful thing I've ever found on the entire internet.
  2. Even better!

    Thank you so much granny, for all the time and effort you must have put into making your list.
  3. Are there any studies regarding marijuana use instead of THC and CBD tests? Or does illegality of mj make that impossible?
  4. Dale, look at the "Smoked Cannabis as a medication" section.
  5. AMAZING. I can not thank you enough for all your work making this list.
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    I only see one about medicinal uses of smoked marijuana for MS. Any more? I would think they are hard to come by, but this is the info I think would be most useful to all of us. Most of these that I have read seem to have extremely small test samples, like 10 people for the smoked effects on asthma, same reason as the lack of studies I assume. I wonder why testing THC itself is so much more allowed than just testing weed itself.
  7. This is so, so helpful! Thank you!

    I am trying to talk to my mom about MMJ as an option for her, and I have sent her several of these articles/studies to read! My mom suffers from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and there is a history of Alzheimer's in my family which she is also concerned about. She's not averse to "smoking some grass" as she calls it, and I think if she went the MMJ route she could really find help with what ails her.

    Again, this list is great, thank you!
  8. This is fantastic. :)
  9. This thread is absolutely amazing :yay:
    + Rep for you.
  10. Great work Granny! Excellent resource. Bookmarked :cool:
  11. hooooly shit granny! you made a library over the years! thank you!
    i always wanted to do something like this, but theres so many good things about MJ i didnt know where to start lol.
    this should get stickied in the legalization forum.
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    :hello: I have set my list free! :hello:

    If you want a copy of this list for your very own, please go to-

    Absolutely Free! Granny Storm Crow's list! - - Dedicated to Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Education.

    And send us an email. We will send you back a copy ASAP! Please tell us if you have hotmail or other size-restricted email and we'll send it in 2 chunks. The list is also available as a PDF (thanks, Will!), but you gotta tell us, otherwise it will be in one humongous WORD document.

    This list will have the full URLs, no "..." breaks that mess things up when you copy and paste! There is even now an index (works best with font 12, Times New Roman). It will be exactly what I have on my computer! :D

    The list is free. No strings attached! Just share it, OK? Forward it to friends and anyone you think could benefit from it.

    Also, the email you'll get is NOT my personal email. It is a dedicated account for sending out the list only.

    Granny :wave:
  13. its people like you that work tirelessly to make a difference in this corrupt war on drugs, i can't form words to thank you for what you are doing.
  14. yaaay grannys topic got stickied xD lol
  15. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! good work granny!
  16. Hi everyone
    Thank all who share information, this result is the necessary information for me.
  17. Great information. +rep
  18. Hi there any info you are aware of on treating shingles? My sis is having her second bout with them and is miserable. I need some data to convince her to give my canna-caps a try. I don't think she'd be up for smoking, but the caps or a tincture she'd probably be up for.

    Thanks in advance if you could link me're the best.........chunk
  19. I believe that shingles falls under neuropathic pain. Cannabis has been shown to be useful with this sort of pain. There is a big section in my list on neuropathic pain.

    A topical ointment might help, too. Here's where you can find a recipe. WR's Cannabalm - Medical Marijuana Patient Forums Or run a search on "cannabis ointment".

    Granny :wave:
  20. Damn Granny what a neat story, I look forward to reading more in the future. Maybe in a column somewhere out there.

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