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Granny ashing a blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nhan420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I was smoking with my homeboys the other day chiefin a rillo. When i smoke a blunt i generally keep the cherry small by constant ash (hate when i accidently ash on my clothes). My friend said dude your supposed to keep the ash long, because its smoother or some shit. He said thats how you smoke stoggies. Anybody know if this really does anything, just seems like an inconveinence to me.
  2. Friends full of shit
  3. That is how you smoke cigars, not sure if it does anything with a blunt though.
  4. your friend is incorrect man, keep ashing!
  5. I prefer to ash frequently but everyone has there prefrences
  6. Ash Frequently Unless You Wanna Smell Like Ashes .
  7. I ash almost constantly. Screw Geralds.
  8. Its gonna fall off eventually so you might as well ash in your ash tray and not in your lap.
  9. This applies to cigars.
    Blunts are not cigars.
  10. I ash constantly and hate getting ashes everywhere and having to rub them in my clothes.

    You're friend was indeed wrong.

  11. love the hey arnold reference :wave:
  12. if it had codine in it, you're not supposed to ash as much. other than that im with you on this one
  13. Ash it on his head next time.
  14. Why do people do that with cigars? Does it cool down the cherry a bit or something?
  15. Why was I expecting a picture of your grandmother smoking a blunt?
  16. Yeah, it decreases the air flow a bit and results in a cooler burn. But cigars are rolled much better than blunts and the ash will not fall off until you want it to. Blunts on the other hand will drop the ash all over you if your not careful. So definitely keep ashing the blunt.
  17. FYI - Granny doesn't do blunts! Tobacco sucks! Pipes or vapes for me, filled with pure green only! (Although I won't turn down a good joint! :smoke: )

    Therefore, I have no opinion on the length of the ash on a blunt. :cool:

    You may find these to be interesting-

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    Granny :wave:
  18. idk, i usually let the ash stay there as long as it wants as long as the blunt is still going. when i smoke with one of my friends he always tries to catch the ash when it falls off so he can mix it with tobacco and put it in his bong... idk why he does that ts really nasty
  19. yes its true, you do allow ash to develop on a CIGAR, but not a blunt. ashing a CIGAR too often will allow the tobacco to burn faster, thus giving you a harsher smoke. but with weed, ash often, ignore what your friend said.

  20. What? That's stupid.

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