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  1. Hello all! I'm Grandpa Tokin and I've been growing for awhile. In the last 2 years I've completely gone DWC. I was on another forum for many years and decided to move since the site couldn't be maintained. I'm hoping to start a journal in the next few months and will certainly share with everyone. I'm hoping to make some new friends along the way! Happy to be here.

    Recently, I've been using my trim to make some great concentrates. I really enjoy this stuff!

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  2. I'm an olde fart too, Gramps. And hash you say? What'cha got goin' on there?
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  3. Made from Amherst Sour Diesel trim and Everclear.
  4. Every time I try to make some it turns out black lol! Do you freeze it ahead of time? Because that's something I have not done yet..
    Also, what do you filter it through?
  5. I definitely freeze my trim and the EC. I also do more of a quick wash (30 seconds) and don't shake it at all. The less contaminates the better. I then filter once thru a strainer and a 200 micron bag and then 3 times thru unbleached coffee filters. I slowly heat (with ample ventilation) on a griddle with my Pyrex inside a double boiler pan of water. I never let the temperature exceed 150 F. I let it evap off and then scrap up the goodness. I usually put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes and then let it sit at room temperature. It's usually stable within a few hours. In my opinion the keys are no shaking, mega filtering, and low temperature evaporation.

    *Pretty bold talk for a one-eyed fat man - old guy telling others not to shake! LMAO
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  6. :roflmao:
    So I didn't filter nearly enough times and I shook it.. thanks man, Ill try that next time (along with freezing them)
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  7. I use the same method but don't filter quite as much (it's a lot of work but def worth the effort) and use chips left over from a rosin press. Nice job! Do you bake in the oven before adding to edibles?
  8. Are you doing a de-carb before the freezer
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  9. Welcome to the city
    Stop on by Sams Place
    You will be glad ya did
    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  10. Hi to all, and thanks!

    I have not been decarbing my trim before making this stuff. I do decarb the trim when I make butter or canna oil though. What I haven't done is make butter or canna oil from this shatter. I don't know why. Anyone know how to decarb this shatter afterwards?
  11. I put in the oven at 220* F for 40 min and it's ready to make edibles.
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  12. Thanks Mac! I will definitely give that a try.
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  13. Im on my first dwc grow and grandpa here also lol. I have a journal and im also having a grow off with a guy rambogarden on here. Glad u could make it on here

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  14. Thanks dagger! I'll look for your journal.
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