Grandparents blazing up?

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  1. My mother just told me a pretty funny story I thought I should share with all my fellow blades. There was a True Life on MTV about MMJ growers, so I asked to hear some of her experiences with the herb. She told me she wasn't that into it but my father would smoke her up once in awhile back in highschool or how her brothers would smoke her up, etc. She then brought up a story from her childhood about her older brothers smoking and drinking (they were about 17 and my grandparents really didnt care as they all did good in school) in the home and how my grandmom and grandfather were super drunk. She told me that her parents asked her brother to try and, of course, he gave in. He gave my granddad the bong and my granddad didn't know what to do so he blew into the bong and got the weed all wet but ofc my uncle didnt care. My grandmom gave it a shot and straight RIPPED it (they were in their early 40s so it was kind of a surprise :eek:) and then my granddad gave it another shot and took a decent sized hit. My grandfather sat down and watched the football game and couldnt stop laughing, and my mom told me my grandma actually put on her rollerskates and started rollerskating in the garage at like 9:00 PM. As the conversation got deeper my mom told me how her parents didnt care as long as it didnt effect their grades and kind of gave me a smile and a wink. Back when I was like 15 I got cited for possesion and she has found my stash quite a few times. Living with my parents and attending uni soon I am kind of hoping that if I keep my grades up and prove it doesnt effect me my parents might allow me to blaze in the house or atleast blaze without them caring.

    TL;DR: Mom told me a story about how my grandparents smoked weed and my grandfather passed out and grandmom went outside and went rollerblading. Mom told me she really wouldnt care if it didnt effect me so now im happy :cool:

    Lets hear your funny grandparent stories involving the herb. :smoke:
  2. what does TL;DR mean ?
  3. too long didnt read
  4. ohhh for lazy people, cool thank you
  5. Be pretty awsome to smoke with the grandparents, talk about 60s n 70s n shit all the great music and stuff.
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  7. This is kinda a grandparent herb story. Lol...

    In jamaica with my gmom on a bus. The bus stopped at a rest-stop, if that's even what you want to call it, and she noticed our driver had a golden necklace with a golden pot leaf on it. She went up to him and said "Nice necklace." His response was "Oh you don't do that, do you?"
    "Nope, not any more"

    Can't believe my gmom used to smoke... and she has no problem with me knowing?
  8. Kids, your grandparents are of my generation- we were those crazy, pot-toking hippies, way back when! LOL :smoke: A lot of us have stories that we seldom tell! :bongin:

    Granny :wave:
  9. What happened to this post?! I would love to hear some stories about grandparents and the herb! :(
  10. Yeah mee too, I used to watch my friends neighbors grandma come out and toke with her grandson while we were across the street toking it up. Some cool shit. My grandma doesn't do it, and my mom does. My home boy used to hook her up. As well as my dad. So that's one reason I like to toke. But what about everyone else, your grandparents?
  11. lol, I wish I could smoke up with my grandpa.

    at least I've toked with my dad! :smoke:
  12. My friend once told me he smoked a blunt with his grandma, and uhhhhh.... that's it lol. :devious:
  13. I found out recently my grandma is cool with weed.. went to visit her a few weeks back, my brother and I were smoking in the house and shit. so we were watching a movie one night and she smoked with us :cool:

    kept trying to make me something to eat

    usual g-ma shit :smoking:
  14. I could see it going down something like this------

    Grama- oh sonny let me make you a sandwich.
    You- uh no grandma, thanks.
    Grama- come on ill put peanut butter in it.
    You- well alright

  15. Never smoked with my grandparents...

    But i've smoked with my buddy's grandparents. they are in their 70's. The grandma can only take tiny hits but the grandpa can milk the bong
  16. my grandpa has never said about HIM directly partaking but has told me stories of his friends growing in greenhouses etc.. And he was aware I was growing last year but didn't have much to say about it.. I dunno, would like to chat with him but couldn't imagine seeing my parents or grandparents baked.

    It would surely be too weird?

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