grandpa story and tiki

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  1. well i got caught by my dad whos a cop. long story for another day. but this was like christmas time and iv been ignoring the subject lately. yesterday i went to the store with my grandpa and he started the conversation. he says whats so good about this marijuana that u keep getting caught smoking it. i start to tell him the benefits hoping hell be on my side. i tell him how its non addictive,cant overdose on it,bsicly harmless. he tells me that thats what all my drug dealers tell me so i will continue to by weed off them and eventualy they will lace it with crack and ill keep going back for more end up broke and live under a bridge. he also said that i look like a retard when im high because my eyes get very low and *****ed out :p. i told him its because it mellows you out and makes you calm unlike alchohol(he drinks alot). he started yelling at me about how im brainwashed and shit and he hit me in the head. i hit him with this lightsaber thing and he chased me around. it was pretty fun :]

    my tiki story.

    well basicly i smoked some nasty weed laced with embalming fluid :/.i think it was tiki atleast. thats what all the black kids at my school told me when i showed them the leftovers i had.i knew it was laced but i had never tried it before and wanted to see what it was like. so i hit 3 bowls of it out of my bong and boy was it crazy. i smoked the bowls at like 5 am and went to sleep. for like 4 hours while i slept i didnt know if i was dreaming or awake. i kept seeing an image of myself but like very dark and my face kept swirling everytime i wouldd try to focus on it. i woke up finally and went to the bathroom. i looked in the mirror with the light off and my face kept swirling again. i was tripping out really bad and had to sleep again. i woke up feeling fine but kind of angry. i was also angry for the next 2 days and i dont know why.l might have been me or the after effects but what ever :p

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