grandmother dying

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  1. damn, just got word she only has a week or so left. wanted to post this and urge all ya'll that still have grandparents living to maybe drop by their residence, give them a phone call, or send them a letter. I became very isolated from a lot of my family after a divorce early on in my childhood, but thats no excuse for my not seeing her as much as I should have.

    if you're able to, talk to your grandparents...shoot the shit for a while. that is all :)
  2. I recently lost my granddad so I know exactly what you mean.

  3. word, it hurts brother.

    please understand I am not trying to be a buzzkill here or spread bad vibes
  4. I can relate to being isolated from family after my parents divorced. It sucks.
  5. I always try to visit my grandpa and chill with him for a while. But damn that sucks man, spend her last days with her man, she'll definitely will cherish it.
  6. Damn Ghost =/ Just had the same news about my grandfather, my friend. They give him till new years right now. Been a few years since ive been able to see him, we're pretty estranged from my dads side of the family.

    My condolences, i understand how this feels my friend.
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    [ame=]Thursday - Standing On The Edge Of Summer - YouTube[/ame]
    -also if anyone doesnt know already, geoff said this song is about when his grandmother was dying and he was trying to go see her.
  8. Damn my man sorry to hear.I lost my grandma awhile ago.We have her ashes to dump into the ocean.

    Stay up my man.
  9. I know that feeling man. My grandparents all live across the world from me. My grandmother is 90 years old and has breast cancer and Alzheimer's. Feel better.
  10. damn if she smokes dont skimp out an roll her a fattie
  11. Ah this makes me nostalgia. My grandmother died a little over a year ago and after the graveside session i got in the car and an amazing coincidence happened. The second i turned the car on the song "Already Gone" by The Eagles started and i got chills down my spine and teared up a bit. I think of her everytime i hear it. i'm gonna go listen to it now.
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    thank you all for the kind words. My fam being real quiet about this, not communicating. this has been the healthiest back and forth I've had on the matter.

    love for you all :)

    hahah my grandma old school and hella uninformed...she thinks you trip hard on weed lol
  13. Yeah it's hard I lost both grandparents on my moms side of the family, I still have my dads side though. It's really hard, I wish I could see my grandparents more but they are always travelling.

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