Grandma Gudenhi's 2011 Backyard Grow

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    2011 Garden: OG Kush, LA Confidential, Purple Diesel, Blue Cheese, AK47, Casey Jones

    Another season :hello:
    As some of you know, last season we had a problem with our soil being depleted. So this season we are using planter boxes with new soil. The boxes are 6'x6' by about a foot deep so there should be plenty of room. We filled them with an organic garden soil/mushroom compost mix. We're growing only six plants this season, six different strains. Our town has several pot stores and they all have clones. We got our first two clones today, Purple Diesel and LA Confidential. The clones have been going fast but the store down the street just got some more in. We are headed there now. It sure makes things a lot simpler when it's all legal :D.
    UPDATE: Just got the other four clones- OG Kush, Blue Cheese, AK47 and Casey Jones.

    I will take some pics as soon as I get the clones in the ground.

  2. Quick question--

    About how deep will a cannibas plant stretch it's roots out while growing?

    I'm thinking about making a raised bed of my own for shits'n'giggles but 1' seems a little.. Shallow?

    Also.. What is your definition of organic garden soil?
  3. We plant in the ground normally. The bushes get huge. The root system spreads out but never seems to go more than a foot down. We tilled the dirt under our plant boxes just in case they do need extra room.........but I doubt they will.
    Organic soil = bone meal, kelp,worm castings, seabird/bat guano, and stuff like that. Lots of microbial activity . I guess basically just soil that doesn't have chemical additives to enrich it?
  4. Hi Grandma Gudenhi! I hope you the best of fortune with this seasons grow. I'm particularly eager to see the purple diesels progress. *hats off*
  5. I just planted my first two clone. I figured I should come on here and make a note of what I did so I don't forget.
    Looking out my kitchen window I have LA Confidential on the right front and Purple Diesel on the left front. I'll take pics to post in the morning.
  6. pulling up a chair to watch:)
  7. HI Granny I'm here for the long haul.
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    The babies spent their first night in the ground. They looked very happy this morning. :hello:
    LA Confidential 100% Indica

    Purple Diesel 80% Indica

    LA Confidential - the planter box is 6'x6'. I hope they have enough room :smoke:

    The four little ones. I'm giving them a few days to get used to outdoors before I subject them to full sun in their planter boxes.
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  9. good too see ya Grandma! Happy I found this journal at the start...I cant wait to see this in a few months, with your HUGE boxes and kick ass organic soil mix I know this is gonna be another great show....
  10. Looking good, Digging the box :D
  11. Hj Grandma G:wave:

    Glad I found your journal and will be along for the ride. Good looking soil in those raised beds and the clones look nice and healthy.

    All the best,

  12. Sha-wing! Gonna be sweet. Im subbed :wave:
  13. We've decided to plant the four remaining clones tomorrow evening. It's suppose to be cooler the next few days so all should be fine.
    It was pretty warm here the past few days. I went to scoop a pinch of keif from the jar and it was all gooey feeling. I guess the heat turned it into hash!? lol So I dug it out and rolled it into a big ball. :D
  14. Sub'd, and have my sights locked in on that LA Confidential. :cool: Lookin' forward to watching your thread, Grandma. I hope to learn a lot. :smoke:
  15. Subbed cause Granny grows the biggest bushes I've ever seen. :smoking:
  16. Yes your plants LOOOOOVE those planter boxe's ! :D
  17. Good luck Grandma Gudenhi for 2011.
  18. Hey G glad to see you back for another year, wish you all the best
  19. Damnnnn that hash ball looks deep are your boxes and whats your soil mix if you dont mind me asking?

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