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grandma ate my brownies...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burtontoker, May 8, 2011.

  1. so i made some edible brownies, i was gonna put them in a plastic bag cause they were on the counter. my grandma goes over and grabs them and eats two (i used a half o of chronic in the brownies so 1 would fuck you up) and she was high as fuck she was like "oh this medication makes me feel funny." i left the room for a second (the kitchen) so i didnt think anyone would touch them while i was out of the room quickly, she was there for a funeral and visiting just for the day. thats when she walked in and ate them. pretty funny :hello:
  2. are you telling notin but the truth?
  3. the whole truth?
  4. Wow...that's all I'm gonna say.
    I'm gonna watch the troll hunters tear you to pieces now, o_o
  5. hahahhha yeah man she ate them. she was like "oh wow i feel so good and relaxed, these pain killers are really good." she was taking percocet and she was high from brownies LOL
  6. You DO know that edibles take time to digest and take effect...I guess your grandmother is so healthy she has supersonic metabolism.
  7. This story isn't convincing at all. The dialogue doesn't sound how anyone would talk, and the story is too short.

    Fail troll is fail.
  8. Nothing but the truth?
  9. What the hell is the point of even making up a freaking story like this?
    Is this how you get your kicks on a saturday night?
  10. She was there for a good hour and a half after she ate them, I could tell she was high. I'm serious she really ate them! I used betty crocker fudge brownie mix! It was such a funny accident! I can not believe she ate them.
  11. Oh my -face palm-
    and thank you...for telling us what kind of fudge mix you used.
  12. im so high man i dont even know anymore.

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