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  1. So I’ve decided I’m gonna do a grow journal this year to try and keep track of my progress instead of scrolling through my phone checking dates on all my pictures.

    I’m growing 3x grandi candi regs, 2x seeds I found in a QP labeled “Picasso”, 1x Grand Prix reg but I might throw another bean in the ground, 2x lemon cherry fritter, 2x slurricane #7, and 1x grape pupil.

    I put the seeds directly in some leftover mushroom substrate (coco coir and vermiculite) on 4/11/23. 2 popped yesterday and as of this morning all but the 2 picassos and 1 of the LCF have popped.

    I’m going to ATTEMPT to pollinate one of the Picasso bag seeds with a male from the grandi Candi. I know a lot of people like to find a good male and go crazy but I’m just trying it for fun so we’ll see what happens.

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  2. I'm a sucker for Grandiflora after growing their Guava S1 "Grandi Guava"
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  3. hahahah sounds like your opening up a snow cone stand hahaha
    sound good for sure
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  4. Yeah I haven’t grown anything by them yet but I saw a post on instagram of their grandi Candi by lit farms when they did the Grand Prix drop on thanksgiving and I’ve been drooling over those pics and then I googled it for shits and giggles and insane seeds had 4 packs for sale so I decided to spend the 200 since I feel like it was probably going to be my only chance
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    well i havent updated this grow journal so this is gonna be a long post i guess..

    i couldnt decide what i wanted to do for nutrients so i decided that i would try something new which hopefully wont bite me in the ass. i decided to try using living soil this year in 15 gallon pots. i. bought the build a soil take and bake kit as well as locally sourced some ingredients to make another batch.


    IMG_3121 Large.jpeg

    build a soil recipe:
    1 Cubic Foot of BuildASoil Worm Castings

    1 Cubic Foot of Oly Mountain Fish Compost

    2 Cubic Feet of Organic New Mexico Pumice

    1 Cubic Foot of Par Boiled Rice Hulls

    1 Two Gallon Bag of BuildASoil Pre Charged Bio-char with Rootwise Mycrobe Complete

    4 Cubic Feet of Fluffed Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

    2 oz Jay Plantspeaker's Quillaja Extract Powder 20

    1/2 lb Kashi Blend

    1 ClackamasCoots Style Nutrient Kit

    1 BuildASoil Mineral Mix.

    i finally transplanted the plants today after waiting for the sex test results to come back since ive never used regular seeds and didnt want to risk missing a male and putting it in one of the big pots. i used leaf works which took forever to get the results back to me so the plants were super root bound in their pots but im ok with the stunted growth since i had to trim everything by myself last year and im not lookng forward to it again. i ended up giving away 2 of my lemon cherry fritter plants and one slurricane so i could try a couple other seeds i had. i just planted a brunch s1 seed from dirty bird genetics and a platinum jelly breath by in house genetics last week.

    IMG_3222 Large.jpeg

    IMG_3240 Large.jpeg
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  6. The other soil recipe I used was as close to the build a soil recipe I could make with stuff from my local farm supply store which made about 11 cubic feet of soil and the build a soil kit I bought made 9 cu ft for a total of 20 cu ft.

    3.8 cu. Ft peat moss
    1 5 gal bucket coco coir
    ~3/4 of a 2 cu foot bag of premixed living soil
    2 cu. Ft lobster compost
    1 cu ft worm castings
    2 cu ft hydroponic clay pebbles
    2 gal activated bio char
    2.5 lb food grade gypsum
    2 kg basalt rock dust
    11 cups oyster flour
    6 cups kelp meal
    6 cups crab/lobster shell meal
    5 lb. Neem cake

  7. Just went out to do some LST and spray some Neem oil since there’s some bugs buzzing around. Haven’t seen any concerning damage yet though. Everything’s looking pretty good since transplanting.


    Grape pupil ^


    slurricane #7 ^


    ^ grandi Candi female. Not looking quite as good as the others. I just topped it yesterday because when I did the rest last week the color in the leaves was a bit light and the growth from the nodes that would become the new tops did not look healthy so I didn’t want to over stress it.


    ^ Grand Prix. Also not quite as vigorous as the other plants but I’m sure it’ll get going soon enough.


    ^ when I topped the second time last weekend I took the 2 tops off each plant and stuck them into rock wool with rooting powder. I’m not seeing any roots yet but the lids been off all day and they aren’t wilting so I think they’re probably going to be good. This is my first time cloning weed, but I’ve taken cuttings off my ficus in the past and had horrible success (3/20 cuttings survived) so I’m pretty familiar with what a failed clone looks like at least lol..


    ^ these are the 2 grandi Candi tops I cut off yesterday. I didn’t feel like using another dome especially since the lid isn’t very tall anyway so I’m just gonna try putting bags on them. I’m not really planning on doing anything with them in particular anyway. Just didn’t want to waste them. If anything I’ll probably just give them away if/when they root.

    for whatever reason it’s not letting me upload the rest of my pictures so I’ll add them to another post later.
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  8. Everything’s coming along pretty nicely here toward the end of veg. Last year I saw my first preflowers on July 31 so I’m guessing I’ll probably be in the same window this year.



    ^ lemon cherry fritter is looking pretty solid. Although after I did some defoliation the branches seem to be a lot thinner and flimsy than I thought they’d be at this point.


    ^ I gave the Grand Prix the most serious haircut out of all of them. The new growth was coming in really weak so I decided to just cut it all off and let the stuff toward the top come in stronger.



    ^ the brunch and plat jelly breath seeds I started late are coming along a lot slower than I expected but that’s ok.
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  9. about a week and a half ago we had a massive flash flood that pretty well saturated the garden. I was more fortunate than the people down the hill though who had to get their mail via kayak.


    I used leafworks to sex test my regular seeds who claim to have a 99% accuracy so that I wouldn’t waste a 15 gallon pot full of super expensive soil on a male.. well one of the grandi Candi plants they said was a female was not so I had to chop it down.. so I’ll definitely be using a different company moving forward if/when I need to sex test.

    As of this afternoon the plants are all looking pretty good. Last weekend I top dressed each plant with both build a soils build a flower, worm castings, and 1 cup of Gaia green bloom which seems to be all the rage with the weed YouTubers right now. This weekend I plan on trellising them to try and keep the height down. Unlike last year I think I’m gonna give each plant their own trellis so that when they’re better supported in late flower. Also I need to weed around the pots..

    I bought a 2x2 tent where I’m growing a few clones from the garden. My friend was arguing with me about wasting money on dirt and how it’s all the same, blah blah blah. So I decided to prove him wrong. I put 3 in fox farms happy frog which was 28 bucks at the local farm supply store, and 3 in the 6 dollar bag from Costco that he uses for his vegetable garden.. which is basically just ground mulch with slow release nutrient pellets in it. The 3 in fox farms soil are growing nicely and the 3 in Costco soil are yellow, stunted, waterlogged, have PM on the leaves, etc.. so I decided to knock all the trash dirt off the roots and repot them in fox farms so that I can hopefully salvage them now that I’ve proven my point lol. Oh and not to mention the ones in Costco soil had like a 2 week head start on the fox farm clones
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  10. So as you can see the garden got a little crazy with the weeds. The soil is extremely compact since I started using pots so pulling weeds is almost impossible to get the roots out. What I started doing is weed whacking it and then I’ll turn the weed whacker on it’s side and trim down to bare dirt which is good enough. Moving forward it’ll be a lot more difficult though since I put up the trellis and can’t move the pots.
    IMG_3816.jpeg IMG_3818.jpeg IMG_3822.jpeg

    the two seeds I started late are starting to give me more hope. The platinum jelly breath is bushing up pretty nice and the brunch s1 is a bit lankier which the picture won’t upload for some reason though. Not sure what I’m gonna do with them as far as a trellis net is concerned since I ran out of room in the main garden area.

    This year I decided to make some changes to the trellis. I went with fewer plants so I could do 1 row down the middle instead of 2 rows along the edges. I wanted to be able to get to both sides of the plants since last year I had mold issues that I wasn’t easily able to take care of. I also added posts between each plant for more support in late flower and each plant got its own individual section of net for extra adjustability to each plant.
    IMG_3840.jpeg IMG_3838.jpeg IMG_3837.jpeg

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  11. So I forgot to update the grow journal for a while.. but here’s a little bit of a cliff notes and photo dump.

    IMG_4073.jpeg IMG_4074.jpeg
    Picasso ^
    IMG_4075.jpeg IMG_4077.jpeg
    Platinum jelly that was started late^ IMG_4078.jpeg
    slurricane 7^
    This one was developing very slow compared to the rest which was frustrating at first, but as it turns out it was a blessing in disguise. The buds took much longer to dense up so while the other plants had a fair amount of mold that had to be trimmed out this one had just a couple smaller bud sites buried in the plant that I didn’t even notice until harvest that had to be cut out.

    lemon cherry fritter^
    this plant did really well outside and was impressively resistant to mold although late in flower I did have to trim a fair bit out. The smell is unbelievably pungent and has a pretty “gassy” smell that is almost like a fouled kerosene.

    Grape pupil^
    This plant also did really well. I was concerned at first because in early flower there was a lot of PM on the leaves which didn’t seem to be remedied by potassium bicarbonate mixtures so I ended up just cutting the affected leaves off which seemed to do the trick. Luckily this one was a very leafy plant and didn’t seem to mind. The buds are a deep purple and almost a magenta on the inside. As they’re drying though the color is a lot more dull. The smell is extremely fruity and is kind of a combination of grapefruit and grapes.

    IMG_4506.jpeg IMG_4542.jpeg
    these are close ups of the grape pupil buds. Unfortunately the white balance on my phone would not allow me to come even close to capturing the color. I had a friend come by and take some pictures with a proper dslr the day I harvested though so hopefully those come out better.

    This is a lemon cherry fritter nug late in flower. Not much to see but the smell is a real punch in the face.

    71832524892__0BCFE219-4EB0-4240-8B42-295CC8EEAEA9.jpeg IMG_4678.jpeg

    couple pictures of the harvest. I cut separated them into smaller bits just so the bud sites weren’t touching while they were drying and I took about a 1/2 gallon bag of each to try making fresh frozen hash. So far they’ve been hanging for a week. Humidity has been pretty consistently 60-63% but on the far end it occasionally drops as low as 58%. On the second day of drying I didn’t realize a window was open in the basement and it dropped to 40% overnight but luckily it was only subjected to that low humidity for a few hours

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  12. Also these pictures are of the brunch plant that was started late. Probably my favorite plant and I definitely plan on growing it again. It’s a sativa dominant cross of peanut butter breath and mimosa and has a very distinct smell of apples. It started flowering way ahead of the pack and grew extremely dense buds and was ready for harvest on the last week of September.

    IMG_4481.jpeg IMG_4482.jpeg

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