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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by att259, May 13, 2010.

  1. I don't really know how to approach this, GC.

    My parents are out of town, and so they had my grandfather (who I've only met like 3 times before this) come up to watch me and my bro. So far he's been really laid back with pretty much everything, letting me do what I want as long as I don't lie to him.

    I'm pretty sure, at least back in his prime, he smoked a shitload of pot. He grew up in the 60s. He talked about how he played the ukulele and would surf with his buds all the time. He said he only listens to music from his era, and the stuff he listens to when we're in the car fits the "stoner" type perfectly.

    He also watched a movie called "Blow" with me about a drug dealer, and he talked about the historical significance of it, and seemed really interested.

    I dunno, all signs just seem to point to it, and I think if he did, then he'd be okay with me doing it.

    The problem is, I don't know how to word it if I were to ask him, without putting myself out on a limb.
  2. Do you want to smoke with him or are you looking for his acceptance?
  3. I'm mainly just hoping he'd be okay with me smoking, and I could be more open about it when he's around.
    I don't necessarily think he still smokes.
  4. hes not going to be there for that long and do you really wanna risk your smoking career just because you want to smoke with him. what happens if hes against it and then decides to relay that information to your parents.

    i had my grandma watch me while my mom was overseas but that was like when i was 13 years old and shit.

    I wouldnt even bother with it man. its up to you if you want to...just seems rather stupid and mostly pointless to let him in on your past times.
  5. How old are you that your parents got your grandpa to watch you while theyre gone?

    Thats shitty..
  6. He's leaving soon anyways, I would never risk that. It's one thing to tell your parents but it's completely different to tell your grandparents. If he's not cool with it and tells your mom, pretty soon the whole family will know. It's not a good idea in my opinion but that's just my two cents.

  7. My parents did this, but we were a lot younger back 13 and under usually. But I had 2 older siblings, so before they moved out we never needed anyone to watch us because they were also around.
  8. Don't talk to him about it, start up a casual conversation with him, with anything related to stuff that would interest him, that stoner music he likes or that movie and then casually bring up cannabis, see what his stance us on it. Do nothing more then that. If he has ever smoked like you think, then he'll know if you do it. Just talk to him and feel it out
  9. My parents would do it too since they don't trust me and someone has to watch my siblings while I'm out doing my own thing.
  10. Watch a movie on Marijuana and then ask him what his views on it are. I think that would be a pretty good way at seeing what he thinks about it :smoking:
  11. Just ask him how was it growing up in the 60s...then ask if he did any drugs cause you know how "big" they were then
  12. Just whip out the the ivory tower and some purple haze, offer him a hit. If he denies, run like hell.
  13. id say just watch something like up in smoke or pineapple express, or even the union maybe. dont really try and force the subject, let him start the talking
  14. So talk to him about it. No big deal.

    My grandfather was born in Lebanon. He preferred hash.
  15. :laughing:
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    I'd say just go ahead and ask him if he's alright with it, and if he is, ask him to join you.

    I think the feeling he must get from having is grandson asking him to partake in something that he enjoyed as a youth that is actually STILL relevant in your youth would mean a lot to him.

    Theres such a gigantic generation gap between our grandparents and us, so I sincerely think he'd see it as a tip of the hat to his generation, and that you feel comfortable enough to ask him, which is a really special connection. Not very many times do people from two generations apart see on the same page, but this could be an opportunity to do just that, and potentially make your grandpas day.

    Grandparents are usually pretty understanding people, having lived life a lot longer than you. In the end, its up to you, but thats my 2 cents.

  17. Haha, Legit. :yay:
  18. Just finished blow today. Great movie :D
  19. dude dont talkt to him about it my parents seemed fine with weed before they knew i did it and now all of the sudden its a bad drug

  20. They had him watch me because my parents are gone for like a month

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