Grandfather passed away

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    What's up grass city, my dad just called me to let me know my grandpa passed away today..on Easter none the less. He had open heart surgery for like the 3rd time and he's been in and out of intensive care for weeks. I was pretty close to him and my dad was his fist son of eight so I can't imagine how he feels. I hate dealing with deaths, I'll never be able to be around him again...Just needed to write some things down, definitely gonna spark one up later

    RIP Grandpa, always knew how to make me laugh
  2. I'm sorry about your grandfather. It's hard losing a loved one but life can throw what ever at you. It all depends on how you handle the situation. Go pack a nice bowl and get back to us here.
  3. I feel you man.

    I'm also very close withmy grandfather. Losing someone really makes you appreciate what you've got.

    Tough it out, be there for your family.
  4. Sorry dude. My Grandmother just passed away. She was really cool, took me to my first broadway show, got me into theater.

    What helps is to think about the good things - what was your FAVORITE time you've ever had with him? What problems did he ever help you with? What will you look at/think of that will remind you of good times?

    Doesn't matter if you're religious - he's out of suffering now. Blaze one up and just think about the good times man.

    I scribbled in my journal about everything I could remember about her. What I'll miss about her, what I'm gaining from this experience.

    He never died - he's living through you now man, through your memories and through your heart.

    Cheer up, smoke up, and smile dude :)
  5. sorry to hear that man
  6. that sucks, my grandfather is dying too. He probably wont make it through the year. Helplessness to solve something so important to you is the worst feeling imaginable.
  7. Sorry for your loss. Both of my grandparents from my fathers side passed away before I was 16..I wish I could remember more about them/spent more time with them.
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone feeling better about it already. Like someone else said sometimes you don't appreciate things til their gone.
  9. :( sorry bout your loss mayne
  10. Very sorry to hear that

    It's a tough time in anyone's life to lose a grandparent
  11. Rip, by the sounds of it, im sure he was a kind and well loved man, his memory wont be forgotten..
  12. He was all of the above, very hard working too, shame to see him pass but I can't control it...thanks for the words
  13. Sorry to hear man. may he RIP. Put some in the air for him.

    Nothing is real til its gone. Hang in there bro.
  14. Yea, at first it's gonna be tough.

    But in time, when you think of him, itll bring a smile to your face. You wont think of the sad things, like "Ill never see him again", youll only think of good times you shared.
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    I have been lucky to not have any close family members pass away.

    My grandparents are both 77, and while both are in excellent health, at that age things could quickly take a turn for the worst at any moment.

    I don't even know how I would deal with one of them passing away.

    I almost lost my father in December, and it was a horrible, horrible feeling knowing he might die. I'm afraid of how I will feel when someone actually does pass.

    Maybe this is a fucked up thing to say, but I'd actually rather family members died the way your grandfather did. While I'm sure it was still a shock for you and a horrible experience, you probably expected this may happen. I think that's a lot easier than a phone call in the middle of the night saying someone close to you died from a heart attack or a car accident, etc.
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  16. I hope no one ever has to go through this. Esp. at a young age. :(Trust me.
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