Grandfather in ICU

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  1. Before I start, I would like to say my relationship with my grandfather is a pretty weird not your typical kind of relationship, but regardless he is the reason I was brought into this world and I am very glad for that.

    Well my grandfather has been in ICU for these past couple of days. He had to get surgery to remove one of his lungs, after the surgery he had a stroke. One half of his whole body is just useless now. He can't breath w/o the machines and he can't recognize anyone or speak. His time is coming to an end. Although I didn't know him very well. I know many things wouldn't be possible with out him. I hope he goes to a better place soon, since he doesn't have much time on his hands.

    My smoking sesh today will be for my grandfather and everybody's grandfather. I hope you can do the same.

    Peace .
  2. Your grandfather had surgery to remove one of his lungs, and you're going to SMOKE a bowl in his name?

    One cup of irony to go, please!
  3. sorry to hear, i just went through the same with my grandma and granpda. if youre alright make sure youre parents are. love and happy thoughts
  4. He has been smoking cigars/cigarettes all of his life. I haven't touched a cig in my life.
    MJ isn't gonna give me lung cancer or any kind of cancer.
  5. I am sorry to hear that dude. I hope that he gets better.

  6. I wasn't implying anything of that nature. I merely find it ironic that he went into surgery for lung problems, and of all the things you can do in his name, the gesture you choose is to smoke. I meant nothing by it, just found it funny.
  7. excellent rebuttle.
    sorry to hear about your relative, it seems that your coping rather well with it so far.
    be happy for him, its another step, it could be the start of something different for your grandfather.
  8. dude my grandpa died and he said all he would have ever wanted was for someone to smoke a cigar in his name so since i dont smoke tobacco i smoked a blunt lol weed is the best way to celebrate somones life no matter what anyone says

  9. Lmao, I already said that isn't what I meant. I found the actual act of smoking ironic, not that fact that he could get any lung problems.

    Shakin' both my heads. Read all the way through next time.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa, just be there for your family and stay strong for him. All you can do now..
    Just out of curiousity how was he the reason you were born?

    you're welcome for the red bar
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    Lol. Wow. Neg rep really showed me!

    Also, you're fuckin' retarded. You should read. I said nothing negative about his grandfather. If you want, I'll be more than happy to teach you how to read. Shit, I won't even charge.

    name calling and disrespecting members is against the rules

  12. Ok I didn't imply you said something about his grandpa, you made a rude comment about smoking when his grandpa has lung problems. :rolleyes:

    He didn't make this thread to hear your "witty" little comments on his situation that only people like you find funny.

    If you like the neg rep you should be verrry happy because I also reported you for name-calling

    Read the rules honey! :wave:
  13. inhale please show some respect for the op's grandpa.

    to the op my thoughts are with you
  14. Hey man.

    My nana had a stroke, and so did my grandfather. My grandfather was fine, and then had to have triple by-pass the very next year.

    My nana recently had a stroke - well, last July. She had trouble recognizing her family and she couldn't speak or eat. She was tube-fed. This is the result of a pack-a-day smoker, pill-popper (she had a lot of prescriptions) and getting no activity. She won't ever be the same, but she's currently receiving speech therapy.

    I am sorry to hear your grandfather is going to pass away, OP. Just remember him for who he was, even if you had a bit of an odd relationship. He lived a long, good life and now he is going to rest easy.

    As for you Inhale... I see the irony, but then again, has there ever been a case of marijuana attributing to cancer directly? Unless the OP smokes cigarettes too. :smoking:
  15. stop getting all upset and angry like a little girl, just because you made a very rude post

    its not what you said, its your attitude.

    dont jack this guys thread with your complaining, just walk away with some dignity.

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