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Granddaddy purple

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stoned42, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Im gonna pickup some of this tommorow for £30, worth it? I could of have chosen white kush instead btwbut Ive never had purple, here are some pics of it next to a pound coin my dealer sent me

    He also claims it doesnt smell much cause its been imported from amsterdam so its been covered in plant material to be smell proof or something, and weed is expensive here


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  2. Those pictures are horrible. And i can guarantee you that the weed you got was not imported from amsterdam.
  3. First one looks like a blueberry and the second pic looks like cabbages .....

    Better pics ?
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  4. Haha were they low quality resolution pics or what? Well he claims so..
  5. He hates doing pics
  6. i dont think thats weed? or either very very small buds. looks like a bag of dry peas or something.
  7. Oh he sent you those pics? I would run away, far away from that dealer
  8. Why????? Do you think its fake???
  9. that 2nd pic looks like a bag of small berries
  10. i have never seen buds like that. looks like miniature heads of purple/green cabbage hahahaha

    what in the fuck is in that bag?!?!?
  11. thats not bud from what i can see
    ask to see it in person first
  12. Well Im kinda a new toker so I cant 100 percent tell if a bud is real heres another pic
  13. btw for £30 your being ripped off unless he gives you at least 3 grams
    i pay £25 for an eighth and its basically like that throughout the country, £30 seems like a very odd amount, are you experienced with weed? this whole thing seems sketchy.
    to be honest just look for another dealer, my friend brings bud back from dam all the time and you can smell its potency, this guys just chatting shit to rip you off, just my opinion, don't wanna see another thread saying "i got ripped off/mugged"
  14. looks like brussel sprouts to me boss
  15. #15 DirtyApe, Aug 5, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 5, 2012
    This thread cant be serious. OP, I'll sell you an ounce of these fine nuggs for 300. Let me know, pm me.

  16. I get that shit for 250, you're gettin' burned brotha!
  17. [quote name='"stoned42"']He hates doing pics[/quote]

    That's cuz he's trying to sling you mini cabbages lmao

    That's not weed bro, find a new connect.
  18. Heres some closer pics, real?


    Its 2.9 grams, weed is expensive here man and Im gonna weigh it in front of him :D
  19. [quote name='"stoned42"']

    Heres some closer pics, real?

    Its 2.9 grams, weed is expensive here man and Im gonna weigh it in front of him :D[/quote]

    Dude doesbur dealer have a fuckin istone for a phone? Those pictures suck ass
  20. I know man but hes pissed about even sending it whatever idk is it real then?

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