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Granddaddy purple. 2 different batchs. ****DANK MN pickup******

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by static shock, May 17, 2010.

  1. #1 static shock, May 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2010
    These have an amazing taste, i love that you can tell its a purple strain just by the taste. The buds themselves didn't have a huge amount of purple in these two bags but my homie had one that was just amazingly purple. snapped a quick shot. its the last one.

    love the high and it was cheap. :)

    first batch:

    second batch: the lighting in these photos isn't great and the color is blue. fuck it. :smoking:

    taken with dumb iphone app:
    purple as fuck but blurry.
  2. Looks dank how's the smoke?
  3. It's a very balanced high espically for being an indica. I feel more stimulated and alert after a smoke, but when I'm coming down from the high I get the relaxation. Pretty long lasting, I smoked a 1.75 with two other people and was faded for about 3 hours. :smoking:
  4. lookin like some fire man enjoy
  5. match a bowl? mmmmm!

  6. Thanks man

  7. Wish I had more. Lol
  8. Yo I could be wrong but I think it is bad to post Iphone pics on the internet. I may have seen it in the growing sections. Nice stuff man!
  9. Even if it does have my gps latitudes I wasn't near my house at all. So it doesn't matter. LOl
  10. That looks damn fine. I've always wanted to try some GDP, but for some reason i've never been able to get some.
  11. The high doesn't get old. I like the uplifting buzz. :)
  12. Nice buds man, ive have gdp on a few occasions I personally think the high is too "soft" like its good for just relaxing but doesnt really fuck me up, did you get the same effect off it?
  13. Weed doesn't really fuck me up period, but I thought the high was a 8/10 in potency. :smoking: minimal burnout factor so that was good.
  14. Looks exactly like the GDP i have :smoke:

  15. Fantastic :smoking:
    I have no bud left :)

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