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**Granddaddy Purp** DANK medical

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kellizar, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Just grabbed a g of this the other day, and it looks and smells sooooo good. The pictures actually do it pretty good justice.

  2. looks mighty tasty man
  3. i'm predicting good times in the very near future
  4. damn i like the way that bud looks nice grab.:smoking:
  5. Amazing weed i have to find some NOW.

  6. I was skeptical. But that look's way better than most of the GDP from dispensaries I see on here. Nice pickup :hello:
  7. looks beautiful!
  8. Nice hue of purple. Good looking buds man.
  9. Thats easily one of the best looking buds ive seen. every color is perfect. I rate this thread #1 out of 2 GDP threads that are high on the boards
  10. Looks top notch man. Can smell that deliciousness from here.:smoke:
  11. Thanks everyone! I haven't smoked it yet, but will update you after my last final ;)
  12. Thats the shit rite their bro. Good pickup. Enjoy that purp.:smoke:

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