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Grandaddy Purple

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Juicyblunts, May 4, 2011.

  1. This is the best nugget, I have ever came across. Looks like something from Pandora haha.

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  2. Oh my fucking god.
  3. haha, yeah man. It looks great and smokes great. I figured that would be a good first post.
  4. hhhhhhhhhhooooooooollllllllyyyyyy ssssshhhittt. The only explanation is someone was ballsy enough to grow in Chernobyl or something.
  5. It looks like you're shining a blacklight or some sort of neon light on it.

    And you can see the shadow of a bluish white looking light on the table
  6. I've never seen a nug like that, looks fake lol
  7. Photoshop.
  8. Id shit myself
  9. this is what you get if you stick your buds in a gay mans asshole
  10. I would get that framed and hang it above my mantle piece. If I had a mantle piece.
  11. That's fucking insane, it looks like a mutated fruitloop
  12. Obviously all kinds of lighting and focus issues going on and I could swear I've seen that pic around the web before. Looks like some dank regardless.
  13. Dammit, I just got these pants. :(
  14. it just doesent look right. all the hues are fucked up so automatically im assuming its fake. whether or not, it doesnt matter tho, either way nice bud bitch.
  15. looks hella fuckin dank, id love to chief on a nug like that:smoke: but really is that the biggest nug you have ever come across? now that i think about it i havent had too many nugs that are oversized haha
  16. Now this is some grandaddy purp

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  17. Sorry man but no matter what you post its going to fail in comparison to that nugget in the OP.
  18. now that is some GDP that i have seen before.

    seriously the noobs on here.

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