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GranDaddy Purp!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushMasta420, May 14, 2011.

  1. iight look, i bought an 8th of some grandaddy purp, in ur guys opinions, wat flavored rello should i get to compliment its taste?
  2. #2 NomOnUrMunchies, May 14, 2011
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    First strain I ever tried...... It will always be a special strain to me :)... Btw I have no idea what flavor u should get policy
  3. vaporizer or glass bong flavor imo.
  4. Don't waste that shit by wrapping it in paper. Pipe, bubbler, bong, anything but paper for purp!
  5. white owl white grape, only way it's done :cool:
  6. thanks for the answers, im obviously gunna smoke most of it out of my bowl and bong, but yea white owl white grape is what i ususally get! :smoke:
  7. Dude upload a pic!
  8. Original swisher sweet.

    No crappy, chemical flavor is going to compliment the sweet taste of some dankage.
  9. White owl original green sweet.

    You wont regret it

  10. I donno, all they do is add chemicals to those to make them burn slower..
  11. NO! Get Zero flavored blunt wraps. Like generic brand blunt wraps flavor Zero ask your retailer. SERIOUSLY you don't taste blunt only weed it's fucking crazy.
  12. if you must smoke a blunt i recommend zig zag wraps, purple thunder to compliment the bud

  13. This makes it sounds as if you think blunts are bad.( more than likely because they are unhealthy)

    My question is this,
    why recommended something with an artificial flavor,(more chemicals)
    over something without an artificial flavor?

  14. because plain blunt wraps that you recommended up higher taste like butt hole, but that's just me cuz i hate the taste of tobacco but i do partake in flavored cigars and hookah and once in a blue moon i do enjoy a fatty pinch of grizzly wintergreen in my lip

  15. huh? if you read my previous post, i think glass/vape are better for smoking dank. the flavor of the weed in a vape is much better than any blunt wrap imo

  16. Im just saying..why reccomend a nasty flavor, over plain blunts?

    And plain blunts do not taste like "asshole", whatever the fuck that tastes like...

    If anything you can taste the WEED A LOT more.

  17. what you never tossed a salad before jo?

    nah i just fuckin with ya, honestly i just dont enjoy the taste of plain blunt paper, papers are great in this option because they taste great however they burn faster than a bitch
  18. Just get a plain swisher if you haven't smoked it already, it really compliments the sweetness of the purp!!
  19. I like the White Grape Phillies, and the Grape Phillies are really good. For White Owls I usually get Strawberry, I've never found a strain that Strawberry doesn't mix well with.
  20. yea, i prefer grape white owls but im going to mostly smoke this shit out of my buddies bong, and i got a couple packs of some zig-zags

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