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Grandaddy Purp

Discussion in 'General' started by lozo75, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. So I'm getting hooked up by a friend at school who supposedly has some crazy strains on his hands, trainwreck, purple kush, sour diesel, the usuals. Today he offered me something called Grandaddy Purp, and despite being a pretty experienced toker I'm ashamed to actually not be familiar with the strain. He said it was some of the best he's smoked and offered me 3 grams for 80$. He's a fairly good friend of mine and has a good rep so its not like I'm worried he's gonna con me, but i was just wondering if you guys could tell me a little bit more about this strain and if its worth the money. Thanks guys, much appreciated! :smoke:
  2. what state are you from, sounds way way to expensive
  3. Sounds like he's high-balling you to see how much you'll pay. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere.
  4. My bad it was actually 75 bucks, not a huge difference but still. And i live in Atlanta.
  5. your still getting taxed 25 a g is pretty high, how is it in the ATL is it easy to get your hands on dank or is it pretty dry out there?
  6. well how much does he charge for the trainwreck, sour d, and purple kush?
  7. I personally don't pay above 20 a g ever. I garuntee he would sell you it for 60.

    Just straight up say I'll only pay 60 if you want more fuck off, he will do the 60 price im telling you beacuse unless hes paying over 500 an ounce hes making money, my guess is he bought it for 400-450 and wants to make more than 110 off the ounce so hes trying to overcharge people.

    Like I said offer him 60, if he says he can't do it tell him to contact you when he can:smoke:

  8. Its by far not dry, there's weed all over the place though most of it is schwag or mids. I know its pretty expensive but i hear from everyone around school that his strains are some of the best they've ever smoked. Im ok with paying a bit extra for my first deal from him its just the Grandaddy Purp which i'd like to know more about

  9. i got you bro if you cant get your hands on dank i wouldnt pick it up, do your self a huge favor look up pics of GDP before purchasing it, and dont pay till you see and confirm its GDP, and then talk to him on prices, just curious how much he would charge for a ounce.. post pics if you grab it
  10. haha my friend just got some of this yesterday....he says. unfortunately my fucking girlfriend is sick, so i've been..."taking care of her". lol. ah well.
  11. no matter how good the dank prices stay the same for everything up to like a quarter down here in Austin, Texas...unless its hash of course
  12. really good strain man, had me nice and easy goin when i smoked it :D. wen i was in ok city i was gettin it for $25 a g and 75 a 8. expensive i no but that was the prices around there.
  13. GDP is amazing. It has a really nice taste and it's so frosty. I still wouldn't pay more than 65 an 1/8 for it.
  14. You are getting alittle taxed but sometimes when its the bomb bomb diggity i will probably do it. But Grandaddy is my favorite,,, best weed ever :p
  15. GDP is my all time favorite. BUT i myself wouldnt pay that much. All depends on the availability in your area i suppose

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