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Grandaddy Purp?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BikesNBlunts420, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Picked up a zip of some crazy buds recently. Covered in purple hairs. It has a really really energetic high combined with an intense body high. Dude called it Grandaddy Purp. Shit's definately amazing. Lemme know what you think? Some pictures for your viewing pleasure....


  2. that bud look super nice, smoked grandaddy purp and it was great looked similar to them buds.
  3. Very lovely buds. My favorite kind of high. Rep+
  4. Woaaah the purp in it looks niiice! i bet thats a great smoke :D
  5. Energetic high is the opposite of GDP, which is 100% Indica. I've smoked enough Grandaddy to know that after a few hits, your ass isn't ready to do anything but lay down.

    Still, looks nice!
  6. Fresh looking buds! Nice pickup
  7. that shit probably knocks you the fuck out! great night bud
  8. WOW i want this! Deff. looks like gran daddy purp
  9. sorry to say this doesnt look like the grandaddy i get.... nice buds tho

  10. How it's cured has a lot to do with it...
  11. wow loving the purps. those buds are fucking lovely
  12. That is tits!
  13. Ive got an OZ of some granddaddy right now, but its not that purple, nice pickup.

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