Grand Unified Theory

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    Hey, the grand unified theory is one. 

  2. Don't know what you're on,
    but I want some.
  3. No no no!

    The Answer to the great question is 42!
  4. ^ loved that movie
  5. What's the question though?
  6. Op is correct tho.

    In the end we will find the universe is an equation trying to balance out to zero

    Every single cause an effect resulted from the first variable

    The real question is was the "big bang" the only instance of spontaneity

  7. My personal favorite theory of everything.. that there will never be a theory of everything that is correct. There will never be only one thing that you can reduce everything down to. You might he able to create theories of almost everything.. but it will only be able to account for 99.99% at the most.
  8. One reality. One substance.
  9. the meaning Life of course!
    That's pretty much what I believe.
  11. Yeah, I'll need convinced the universe isn't infinite before I can get behind any theory of everything. With an infinite universe, I don't ever see it being reduced to one. No harm in a theory or everything, it'll keep people digging.. which is good cause that just means the digging will never stop. It'll only stop on an individual basis when you put belief into a theory of everything and call it a day.
  12. By definition its impossible to prove that the universe isn't infinite

  13. That's the pisser of infinity.. normally I don't like to believe that something of reality can't be proven, but its just one of those things. We could travel 47,264,836,562 trillion billion light centuries in all directions and find the universe there, existing.. but someone could always say "well, how do you know there's even anything after that?" On top of that, we'll only ever see a tony fraction of the universe from our relative position. If the universe continually expands, there will be a point where expansion relative to us surpasses the speed of light and we will never see any light emitted from beyond that point, ever.. sucks.
  14. The beauty of science is there will always be more to learn.
  15. The more you learn, the more you learn there's more to learn.
  16. almost like the universe is created as its observed, creating a web.of.lies that must have truths to discover

  17. I can't believe in that, creation upon observation that is.. but it is a tangled web of facts. Almost anything you learn about, there is something that went into it that you can learn about too.. and so on. The universe doesn't lie though, that's the human aspect of knowledge.. it only stays hidden, waiting to be uncovered.

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