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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I downloaded this game right.

    Got the no cd crack and everything to work.

    Jus the graphics mad messed up, Looks like im trippin on acid. Cant really play like that.

    I searched and theres a verson 1.1 patch that is supposed to fix graphitcal errors.

    I downloaded it and everything.

    It wont work.

    It says 'This progam cannot fix GTA:VC because of the following reasons:

    C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe: unknown version.'

    So it says its an unknown version.

    I dont knwo what to do from here.

    I downloaded this game and it took 2ish days, I better be able to get it to work.

    Somebody please help.
  2. You put the No-CD crack in and it won't update because it isn't the original exe. You need to restore the backup you made of the .exe file, then patch it. (if you do it this way, you might need a new cd crack to work with 1.1) If you didn't make a backup, un-install the game, delete the c:/program files/rockstar/vice city folder, then re-install. Patch the game to 1.1 after you re-install it, then get a no-cd crack that works for version 1.1. Good luck.
  3. Ahh, That makes sense. Thanks alot brotha, Let me try it.
  4. You'll probably want to turn off trails in the video settings too, might be part of the acid effect. There's a certain set of video options that help the game run much more smooth too, I'll get back to you on that.. I'll have to boot up my copy and see.

    alright, its trails off, frame limiter on, i turned the draw distance up, lowered resolution. Seemed to do the trick for me... but I don't have a great pc, maybe yours will be fine. I'd just rather have it run smooth on my machine, and figured it might help if I passed it on..

    actually, come to think of it all that stuff might've been my problems with GTA 3, not Vice City... but oh well.
  5. I fucked it up one way or another, I dont know lol.

    So i gotta restart it all again, Bout to defrag then re-install and do it again and hopefully it works.

    But +Rep to both of yall for helpin.
  6. Update your graphics card drivers, and if you can't get a workable crack, just keep the install mounted, then you can play whenever.
  7. If that doesn't work let me know, I can try to get you a better version that does work.
  8. Damn, I did this.

    And now im back at root 1. It did the same thing, I dont understand how or why, But it did. I did the patch then the crack and now it still has the graphics problem.
  9. Oh i figured it out, It was simple lol. I was on the wrong page to download it.

    Aight now its downloading, Hopefully this fixes it. Thanks guys.
  10. Let me know, that's a fun game.
  11. It still aient working. Still all fucked up.

  12. ahh man anyone know what to do? im about to dl this game yo dude you use limewire? that game is tiight
  13. I have limewire but that aient what i used. I used torrents.

    This is mad fuckin gay though.

    The maps all fucked up, All the letters are fucked up so i cant read any letters so i cant change options or nothing. The sky is red with black lines, All the people have like black spots on them, There is green bars going across the screen, The sky flickers different colors. Its all fucked. Shit sucks.
  14. I got gta3 on my comp, I got it through a p2p(ares). Try usin your limewire to download it

  15. That sucks dude.

    Probably the download then.

    If you looking for good torrent sites then throw me a PM.

    I can even give you some torrents that worked out for me.
  16. Am I gonna need a no-CD crack, or will just the program do? (limewire)
  17. I dont know though, Because theres a patch for grapphic errors n shit, So i figure thatd fix it. But it aient do shit or the no cd crack overwrote the patch or something.

    Fuck, I dont wanna download it again.
  18. I just downloaded the program. All it said was GTA3.

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