Grand Theft Auto 3!

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  1. Cheak this sweet ass game out! It's looks amazing, it's for PlayStation 2. If you have a PS2 I recommend you pick this game wont be disappointed! It's hours of addicting game playing fun! If you liked the other two GTA, YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE! IF you want to cheak it out goto, WWW.IGN.COM they have great previews and reviews of the best games for all systems! :D Hope you like the looks of it as much as I did...
  2. I had this for pc. Played it all the way through multiple times. Sweet game but man was that last mission tough. Almost gotta get all the hidden packages so when they confiscate your weapons you can swing by your hideout and arm yourself.
  3. 19 year old revival!!!
    The new record holder!!!
    Congratulations @Free Hat !!
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  4. The previews for the next gen GTA look fuckin incredible by the way. Check em out on youtube
  5. I don't remember this one much who do you Play as in it?

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but GTA 3 didn't have rideable motorcycles, right? My, how far we've come.

    Also, thank you for bumping all these old threads, Free. You legend.
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  7. You play as a guy that doesn't talk. It's set in liberty city. And like @AR Toasty said, no motorcycles.
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  8. Is dude that don't talk from in GTA SA as well that race against CJ an with Catalina.

  9. Yeah that's the guy. In opening cutscene of GTA 3, Catalina betrays him, shoots him, and leaves him for dead.
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  10. Ohhhh ok now I remember this one. Thanks for the Help Free I did play this one before now that you mention it.

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