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Grand Daddy Purps

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SugarDaddie, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Any dispensaries in Cali that carry true cuts of GDP?
  2. not that iv seen.. however u should check out purple erkel it has a similar high and taste. good luck! :smoke:
  3. the club near me has purple urkle and grandaddy purple
  4. which club is that?

  5. BPG in Berkeley
  6. GDP is the best bud I've smoked, ever. But I don't have access to clubs.
  7. alot of the clubs ive been to have GDP...whether or not its a true cut is a different story but many a club carrying GDP ive seen
  8. I need some cali friends! so I can get a cut. any suggestions?
  9. I'm a fan of the purps.....but not an expert the San Fernando Valley, most peeps I've seen sell GDP. I just look for actual purple on the buds, as some places sell GDP that has no purple coloring to it. Am I right about this? Who F in knows, but I have talks to budtenders who have confirmed this. They say look for actual purple.

    Which sucks because every budtender seems to say something different. But, I digress.......

    Mendeca on Van Nuys is a pretty stand up place, great weed, great budtender, And there's a few dispenseries right in that area like HCR, and a place in Toluca Lake.....California Compassionate Care, I went once, nice place, good selection, I think they had some decent GDP. I've gotten what I believe is good GDP from a few of these places.

    I probably dont know what I'm talking about though. Or maybe I do, not sure. It works for me.

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