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grand daddy purple.... r.i medical smoke report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by 401faceblunt, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. heyy there gc fellas ... i just rolled up a blunt of some bomb gdp dark purple buds with sugar coating it seems lol ...about a gram. going to smoke it with my girl friend right now... :smoke: be back on in like 15 20... let ya know how the gdp in r.i is... yet to smoke it
  2. gf says.... high and confused... but dont mind it... and really horny

    I think itsa heavy ass indica im swaying standing trying to type this...
  3. lucky duck
  4. i think he's high, Bro.
  5. How did you enjoy the GDP?
  6. i used to get a LOT of gdp from providence and oh man reading this thread i can practically smell it under my nose. that bud smelt like candy. its probably some of the best tasting bud ive come across. thanks for your post!
  7. it was awsome... one of the strongest highs ever... 10 out of 10 :hello:
  8. gdp is bombbb.. heres when i had it last.

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  9. siicckkk! looks pretty close to what i had.
  10. Does anybody know where u can get gdp seeds??:smoke:
  11. clone-only strain
    but some breeders on attitude have crosses with gdp
    I know connoisseur genetics has one forsure
  12. you can search for the better result in this topic in grasscity search section.
    you can also join the discussion group to find your proper answer.
  13. Yep it's indica. Great strain. I've grown grape ape and purple urkle which are similar, but I've never grown the GDP. Smoked a lot of it though and love the stuff. Such a perfect combo of skunk and grapes.
  14. I like the feel of GDP, but the taste has always been like Copenhagen chewing tobacco, no matter the length of curing. Anyone else harvest or buy GDP that tasted this way?
  15. I have been getting this strain for years from the same guy.
    Always tasted like Fruity Pebbles.
  16. I've never had chewing tobacco but that sounds awful. All my GDP has tasted amazing.
  17. Skunky fruity pebbles :smoke:
  18. i love GDP. heres the last GDP pickup i got. (pic kinda looks brown but it was purple as fuck) [​IMG]
  19. Nice. I'm smoking on some good GDP right now. Mines not as purple as yours but the taste is what you expect from the strain.

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