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Grand Daddy Purple, Chemdog

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BayAreaToker, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Went down to harborside yesterday, I got 1/8 of GDP and a gram of Chemdog (pictured). My buddy got an 1/8 of lemon thai, a gram of "grape", and a gram of chemdog.

    The chemdog is a hybrid and produces a really great high. It has a very unique but attractive smell, and as far as it looks...


    The GDP smells like candy. I have smoked GDP before but never any grown this well. As soon as I cleared my pipe I could feel myself getting high, and within 10 minutes I was ready to sleep. It's very dense and burns for what seems like forever :hello:


    And here's a pic of my stash bottle, Chemdog on top and the GDP sitting underneath


    And although it's not shown if you were interested in the lemon thai....TRY IT! It tastes fantastic and gives you a really clear sativa high.

    That's all for now, peace out blades
  2. :eek: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. chemdawg/gdp kief bowl *mouth waters*
  3. those cali buds always make my mouth water :eek:.

  4. I've not yet been to Harborside, how is their selection and quality?

    I was just in Coffeeshop Bluesky yesterday and they just got in some OG Trainwreck for $40 1/8th (plus tax). I :smoke:HIGHLY:smoke: recommend picking some up before they run out. They also have some Purple Kush left that was tasty.
  5. Good selection, normally very good quality, although no $40 1/8s :rolleyes:
  6. nice pick up, chem dog is a good smoke
  7. Nice, cant wait till I'm in San Fran with my medical card. :smoke: rep Dankage

  8. Is it better than Berkeley Patients Group? I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Oakland for something new.
  9. :D

    Not sure, never been there
  10. That granddaddy looks similar to the GDP I will be harvesting soon, it is not real purple just in spots it has hints but it looks crystally as hell and has the signature GDP smell.
  11. Chemdawg i think it is, not dog, not posative though! This is my favorite strain ever, i bought a half-o last year of it and it was ridiculous! Like a new experience! Been looking but cant seem to find it!
  12. damn that chemdog looks crzy good
  13. I see a droplet of purple in that GDP in the center. mmm mm good, chemdog is one of my favorites to.
  14. 55 bux? FOR THAT?

    i gotta get over there...
  15. The pictures look like little dessert nug treats. The shiny crystals look like some kind of caramel coating. Damn I'm hungry for some good bud. Nice pick up!
  16. Yeah they aren't covered in purple but there are spots and the bud is dark in general. My friend got some "grape" from this same club that was completely purple :eek:, nearly black
  17. Chemdig is deffinately one of my favorites.
    Nice Stash you have there, and i'm loving the California prices!
    I'm all types of jealous.
  18. Heading to Harborside tomorrow to pick up some of that sticky icky.
  19. harborside is the shit hands down.

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