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Grand Daddy Purple, Can it do well in hot humid summers?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by brianles, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinions. I'd really like to add Grand Daddy Purple to my outdoor grown next year. I live in the mid south of the US and it gets very hot and humid during the summer. I know Grand Daddy Purple comes from NoCal and that climate is totally different from mine. Does anyone know if Grand Daddy Purple would tolerate an outdoor grow down here?
  2. fiji water, grand daddy purp ha
  3. it'll grow...do to temps you may not get the purp/blue colors that you want/exspect(those requior cooler temps)but the bud can still be dope....it'll just be purpleless GDP...will smoke,taste and smell like it, it just wont look it..you'll have to smoke witta person b4 they believe its GDP...
  4. As long as u can water the shit out if it it should be fine. I live in central cal and when it gets to 115 I water everyday to keep the dirty moist.
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    Yo Brianles,
    Im in NorCal, and its definitely just as hot here if not hotter but its incredibly dry....GDP has ok mold resistance but id be worried about that most of all given the density of GDP's nugs... Hey, worth a shot right? I wouldnt do more than a couple, just in case, but if it performs its a keeper in my book. Ive decided to do GDP for the first time this year and have 4 in my plot. Links in my sig, check em out.

  6. Nocto,
    I take this comment to mean water is water is water and purps is purps is purps...whats in a name, right?
    I know GDP is not everybodies fave purp strain but its got a long list of pretty impressive qualities, and if you get Kens cut, its just flat out retarded awesome... Theres prolly 20 other purp strains that are nowhere near as good as GDP and thus dont have the name recognition...
    U hatin the GDP, mang?

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