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Grand Daddy Purp vs. Green Crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mattstermh, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Which do you prefer? :smoke:

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  2. Green crack.
  3. Green crack
  4. I prefer Green Crack as well.
  5. Green Crack, im a sativa connoisseur myself.
  6. Green Crack. GDP is good but it usually just knocks me out.
  7. Granddaddy purp but green crack smokes great too
  8. My dealer was offering an 8th of GDP for $55 and $50 for GC.

    Told me it was medical grade, looks amazing. Hmm

    Should I post pics?
  9. Get an 8th of both .

    But , I do prefer the purp .
  10. I would get the green crack, because it is more economical. What is the extra 5 for the gdp for? a purple tax?
  11. Green Crack. But only because i've had gdp so much more often in the past. It's more about how rare a strain is and i think green crack is rarer
  12. You can't go wrong with either one. I've had dealers who let me get half and half for the same price. Just talk to him and he might give you a deal on it.
  13. yea like someone already posted..GDP will just put you out(not saying thats bad just prefer it for a night time smoke)..greencrack for the good ol high feeling for sure!
  14. Green Crack.
  15. GDP i like weed that makes me feel STONED and GDP is best for smoking late at night chillen and then passing out.
  16. Green Crack; Sativa FTW.
  17. Green Crack. Finally smoked it for the first time yesterday after having been on my To-Smoke list for a long while. Worth the wait, an excellent smoke. GDP is good too, but it's Always around in my area and the quality fluctuates. It's still a good smoke but I prefer sativas anyways.
  18. Depends. I like to keep sativa and indica on deck. I work until 1am so usually when I get off im craving indica. I'd kill for some GDP right now. All the strains I have available to me are all way sativa dom. If I were u, i'd grab an 8th of each at least. Wake n bake with GC; hit the stash n crash with GDP. Pretty damn solid day to me.

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