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    so im sick of all my dank getting eaten by deer so here goes my first indo grow.

    ive been collecting seeds for about 6 months (romulan, dutch bitch, powerplant, afghani and haze) and threw them in peat moss till they sprouted then moved them into this big pot


    i have no idea what is what nor do i care

    i also finally got 2 grand daddy purp and a super durban poison clones last night so here they are at 16 hours
    the two gdp's are in the back and the sdp is lookin crazy in the front.:D

    so now they are in 24 hour veg and under three 26 watt 1400 lummens cfls for a total of 4200 lummens i also plan on buying a few more 4000 lummens cfls after they grow up a lil bit.
    heres another of the smaller gdp clone(wich has a longer stem inside of the peat pellet than the others) and the crazy sdp in the back
    EDIT: clones are dead

    sorry for the crappy phone pictures.

    good ones coming once there is some growth.

    anyways thats all for now let me know what you think

  2. hey man, looks like i started a few days behind you. i just started mine as well. i'm pullin up a chair to your grow, it'll be fun to compare!
  3. better pictures[​IMG]

  4. i was board so i found some old grow attempts

    this is a romulan at about a week and a half from germination [​IMG]
    it had some really weird growth at the 4th leaf set
    its a camera phone pick but i outlined the new growth it was all twisted and round, none of it was pointy:confused:
    actually when that growth started it looked like a ball and the stems of the 3rd leaves where so close together going straight up that there was almost no light getting to the little ball

    you can also see that the internodes where already coming out which i thought was a little strange for it only being a week and a half in.

    heres a few days later
    another thing i noticed was that the main blades on the 3rd leaf set started to twist and get wavey, maybe from the fan was the only thing that i could think of

    anyways my lights fell on this little lady:confused_2:

    then there was this skunk plant about a month into growth
    7 nodes in and stinky as hell
    anyways this and about 10 other that i planted in april all got dug up or eaten by animals:(
  5. subbing because all of these strains are awesome. good luck
  6. thanks i have high hopes for the clones. my only concern is that they are too small. they are only about 2 inches tall
  7. clones are looking sad today =[

    just pulled the weak seedlings and watered

    one of the seedlings was getting munched on by a worm but i got the worm.

  8. well im watering that planter every day now but they are loving it, the other day the leaves were pointing up which i know means they want water, i was watering every other day
    everything is looking better today including the clones

    pics later today hopefully
  9. Did you say you want to do the whole grow without transpanting any of them? That's a bad idea. The roots will suffocate each other. Especially if you're doing a ScrOG. They'll need 3-5 gallons each...not total.
  10. i plan on only letting them veg for like 2 or 3 weeks, what if i transplant like the best 4 or 6 sprouts into two 5 gallons so there are only 2 or 3 sprouts to a 5 gallon bucket? and how big should the drain holes in the bottom be?
  11. wtf is this?


    thy are the second node leafs rounded? the same shit happened to my last romulan that i posted in my previous grow attempts and the first set of leaves on the left one is twisting like the romulan was too.

    i threw a few romulan seeds in there these could be them.
    it could be a trait that its getting from the strain or could it have to do with my fan being directly on them. idk

    and the third node is trying to come out on the left one and the second node is only like 2 cm long wtf?

    but the rest of them are doing well i plan on transplanting within the next few days.


    the clones are looking good at some times and bad at others, one of them is almost gone. but i would be happy to save one at this point. they are bent over a little bit right now and about 1/8 of leave surface is yellow. but the tops are still green and they stink like dank.
  12. If you're doing a ScrOG, each will need it's own pot. Unless you find a way to put dividers in the pot you use. That'd give every plant it's own root space. But, with my experience doing ScrOG...two females with 5 gallons a piece will do better than six females with a little less than 2 gallons a piece.

    And what are your temps at? If they're high, that might be contributing to the leaf curl.
  13. this is from the end of last month[​IMG]

    and here is 2 days later
    i topped the one on the left the day after i took this pic
  14. all plants now have 5 leaves including the mutants. and 3 of them have 7 leaves.
    the topped plant has very nice side growth and the new tops are commin along good.
  15. here 2 new pics of some 7leafes the first one is a heavy indica and im gonna take a guess and say its probably the afghani[​IMG]

    heres another one that might be the dutchbitch or powerplant


    prettysure the clones are gone

    oh yeah i put them in 12/12 yesterday :D
  16. heres the plant i topped like a week ago

    lots of new under growth
    just picked up some fruity shit that some guy was callin dream boat for 60, pretty sure it was a fake tag but its dank so idc.

    burn one

    or five!:smoking:
  17. okay update time with lots of good picture

    first off the whole family

    now heres the two that are doing the best the one in the back is the one that i topped a week ago the one in the front is the indica[​IMG]
    heres the topped plant
    notice the third shoot from where i topped. im not gonna complain about a third top though lol

    top view


    heres a side view of the same plant


    i just topped the indica which is super dark green but its almost leathery and the edges of the fan leaves are wavy some off whiteish areas

    heres the other bucket
    the two leaves are droopy cause i had that plant tied down
    heres the sativa from that bucket before topping(yellow tip at the bottom
    and after topping
    heres the droopy one, also topped today

    now heres the third one from that bucket that i just supercropped (i hope lol)


    and heres the mutant pot ( i topped both of them today)
  18. where did u get the grandaddy purp seeds?
  19. i had two grand daddy purp and a super durban poison clones but they never rooted, well one actually just started looking a hell of a lot better about two days ago.

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