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Grand Daddy Purp... Sat night pickup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yummay, May 16, 2010.

  1. Just thought id show you guys my pickup,
    Pics look funny, but this stuff is stinky, very distinct smell.
    I can smoke literaly .05 of a g or half a tiny bowl and ill be almost fully baked... This stuff has an AMAZING high, puts you in your "Happy place" and full body high....

    If you can find some of this in your area, go for it, I paid 75 for an eighth.

    Happy blazing,:smoking:
    About to blaze and i need a thread to talk to peeps in :D
  2. nice pick up
  3. 75 an 8th? i got a couple G's for 30 bucks....very expensive pickup, altho i'm sure u didn't have a choice. looks dank man, GDP is great.

  4. Thanks bro
    Some of the nugs are REALLY dark purple and on the others its got slight purple spots, and light purp all arround.
    Im so proud rofl.
  5. awesome man
    if you get high off .5 you gotta try this method, (if you dont mind going thru weed semi-fast)
    blow 2 grams in under 4 mins. You will be higher than you have ever been :D
  6. i paid $45 for a quarter of this dank stuff man i was packin one bowl every like 3 hours usually i smoke like a gram in a sesh lol.

  7. Haha it really is, well worth it, any dank arround goes for 65... but being purp it was priced a little more ofc. And the smoke tastes like weed with a bit of fruity flavor after taste.. love it.

    I couldnt even do that hahahaa this smoke is harsh.
    I get high off .05 bro, not even .1 im talking half of .1 LOL

  8. me too but i feel like i need to hit it more often cuz its more intense doesnt last aslong but its worth it.
    tastes SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo good in a glass piece.
  9. Damn, florida is expensive. Here in MD that is $65 at the most. But it looks dank so smoke up and enjoy yourself.:smoking:
  10. Nice I picked up an eighth of GDP tonight too lol. It's great.
  11. I dont konw what OPs talking about. Ive never met anybody reasonable who wanted more than 60 and eighth for the most absolutely DANKY DANK legit named strains in my area and Im in Florida. The standard eighth of dank is 50 here.

  12. Exactly...

    Not flordia, houston area :D

    Wonderful gratz :smoking:



  13. where is everyone getting florida...:confused:
  14. Looks great! Btw you got the same scale as me:cool:
  15. OP's got some good buds :smoking: Im glad that you are glad...

    But theres no way in hell i would pay 75 for an eighth
  16. i need some:(

  17. I changed my location to Florida because i was scared of the feds
    Changed it :D

    /win eBay? :D

    You do

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