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Grand Daddy purp *pics* did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BobbyBlaze, May 15, 2010.

  1. Bought this sack for $20.
    I think I got shorted, but i think that every time I buy a sack, so it might just be me.


    How much do you think this is? A g.?
    I know, I know, invest in a scale...

    The picture doesn't really do the bud's quality any justice btw.
  2. its prolly close to .9

    for gdp i would take that though its always fire/
  3. Here's another pic:
  4. you good bro, if you a newbie this shit will knock u out for sure.
  5. looks about right. nice pickup too! :)
  6. Thats a good dub. Probally a .8 but you did not get ripped off. Around here that would be a good bag.
  7. are you in san diego?
    if so i think you got ripped but not much. its probably a gram but usually you should be getting 1.75 (half 8th) in san diego.
  8. thats looks pretty damn close to a blunt to me
  9. Like dude above me said, the amount you get for the amount you paid depends on your area, but around me that's basically what $20 would get you.

  10. i agree. most places its 20 a gram and even then im usually expecting .1/.2 under/over
  11. Looks right around a gram and dank as well
  12. Wow, its funny how some people think they can guess the weight down to the tenth of a gram just by looking at an image.
  13. @ JollyStoner:
    Well I know my bowl fits .3 quite snug, and I have a slightly larger bowl than most spoons. If you look at the nugs in the bag you can kinda see they're dense, the formations of the nugs suggest so. Then use visual comparison to look at the amount of weed relative to the size of the bowl and you can see that weed would make for a good 4-5 bowl packs, and that's pretty close to 1g.
  14. Yeah, you can easily tell if its about 1g as you described but what I'm commenting on is sourApple408's post about guessing it to be .9g
  15. dude,you were ripped off,that's like a .7 at most :eek:
    that should have cost only 10 - 15$ tops
  16. [​IMG]
  17. well your the only person who says I really got ripped off.
    & the nugs are dense, i think it's more then .7
  18. Its looks like it could be a legit gram,but the quality doesn't seem to look like its worth 20 a G. How is the high?
  19. Man in not even about to try and guess the weight of that.but its not about if we think you got ripped off.its about you thinking if you got ripped off.Do you feel you got ripped off?
    But no i dont believe you got "ripped" off
  20. Nah, what you got should smoke good.

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