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grand cayman drug laws?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mattplusness, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. meaning of course marijuana.
    this spring break I am fortunate enough to have a filthy rich aunt who has a 3 bedroom condo in grand cayman.
    i am wondering how the drug laws are there since it is a highly populated tourist spot?
    i am not bringing weed with me on a plane.
  2. i don't see it on there. but thanks
  3. I would think its a lot like other carribean destinations. With the difference being theres not a ton of poor areas to find hookups in. I bet if you ask a guy selling stuff on the street where you can find some grass they will likley point you in the right direction..
  4. hey i live in Grand Cayman and it is REALLY easy to get dope here lol the police arent too strict if u are caught with a small portion and its not like the police are up for searching random tourists because that is how we make all our money here so...just if ur not an idiot and smoking a joint right in the middle of George Town where ur ship would come in lol but ye if u ever come back to grand cayman hit me up i can get u the grades :D
  5. I stayed at the Westin Causarina and pretty much everyone who worked at the resort had weed for sale. I.E. bartenders, waiters, pool boys, and my taxi driver. Have fun.
  6. There's a dude on here that's from the Grand Cayman, or visist there alot. The guy with the story about shitting and farting, whats his name? He'll probably know whats up there.
  7. I am in the Grand Caymans and desperately looking to get on. Can anyone help me connect???
  8. Well, getting weed in the Caymans is not easy. Everyone is worried about getting booted off the island. If you are a weed-head (and I am) either bring your own or do without...
  9. I am moving to grand cayman from yhe U.S. can I give you a call? I'll be there friday
  10. That sounds awesome! Please hit me up. I sent you a message
  11. Hey, email me if you are visiting this christmas, i'll hook you tourists up
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    Hey, could you hook me up? Email me coopercrepsl.gmail.com I'm staying for a free more days but the earlier the better

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  13. I am on vacation in the cayman's for the next 6 days and I would really really appreciate someone to do business with!!!  Please email me if you know anyone with some green to sell.  PLEASE!! seriously :(  you can email me at [email protected]

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