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  1. Hi wusup every1 how u all doin how much duz a good gram of lowryder do 4 thx alot every1 peace out
  2. I can't understand a word of that....... (eye cud n't ndrstnd @ word og th@te)

    Lowryder produces about 7-11 grams per plant.

    It's williams wonder x nothern lights x something else so it should be pretty potent kind bud. If you're wondering what you could SELL a gram for.
  3. ya thats wut im wunderin how much a gram is werth sry about that werdin thx peace out
  4. Though i understood that second post. You REALLY should make an effort to make your posts litterate. It helps people understand what your saying and makes you seem more intelligent. It works wonders you may never realize.
  5. yea that is what i like to hear...

    litterate stoners...

  6. i understand what it siad......
  7. does anyone have any pics of this or seeds or something?1
    if never heard anything about this plant never even seen it, but if only produces 15grams max it must be hella good!
    i could sell it for like 40 to 50 a gram down here, if it is as good as it sounds
  8. thx every1 and i am realy sry about the werding of my previous post ok and thx again

    peace out every1

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