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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. OK ive heard so manny debates on this subject because no one knows simple math.

    How manny grams are in a:

    and then theres zip and half zip which i have no idea what they mean. My dealer is an idiot and i wanna set it straight on how much bud i should get in a 8th and so on, Thanx
  2. Eighth is usually between 3.4g and 3.6g.
    Quarter is 7g.
    Half is 14g.
    Ounce is 28g.

    Zip usually refers to an ounce.
  3. Oz, zip, bag, onion, oreo, zone is 29g as you dealer should always round up for bag weight.

    half o should be 14.5, again rounding up for bag weight.

    1/4 should be 7+

    1/8 should be 3.5 +
  4. according to any standard weight chart

    half eighth 1.75
    eighth 3.5
    quad 7
    half zip 14
    zip 28

    and of course most your sandwich baggies are 1 gram just for reference
  5. Good, so i was right. I needa have a talk with my dealer:mad:
  6. yeah i never really understood the confusion i mean look at a weight chart. some people try to tell me and 8th is really 4 grams or 5 haha whatever u fools ok i guess ill take some extra hahaha
  7. Wish ppl were like that, but the know general system and what its supposed to be:

    8th: 3.5
    Quarter: 7.0
  8. shit if it werent for drugs i would never even probably know about the metric system lol
  9. same.
  10. i dunno when I ask for a zip I always get a freezer bag full, 16 oz.

    ounces dont usually come in zip bags, i dont know why people call them zips

  11. Thas the truth right there dude, I wouldnt have a reason otherwise.
  12. my high school science teacher knew when i could do all sorts of conversions with the metric system...he gave me a look...

    and ive always gotten it upped a gram, like if its 3.5 theyll give me 4...however, im normally good to my hookups, they return the love...oh andbeat your dealer retarded.../
  13. Because some people don't know how to measure:

    1/8 - 3.55 grams (but more commonly weighs out to 3.5 because most scales don't go that far)

    1/4 - 7.1 grams

    1/2 - 14.2 grams

    Ounce - 28.4 grams

    It's a better idea not to buy an 1/8 in the general sense, though, because most dealers are assholes and charge 50$ or sometimes more for 35$ worth of weed. If I want an 1/8, I just tell my dealer I want a 40 bag. Not only do I get more weed, but it's cheaper, too.
  14. 8th - 3.5 grams
    4th - 7
    Half - 14
    Oz - 28

    A zip is just another term for an oz, I think.

    Yeah, my measurements aren't exact, but I don't really care about that .05 of a gram. It's just more work.
  15. Most people just zero the bag weight... like 100 times easier and your not guessing how much plastic ziplock used in the making.
  16. or they weight w/o a bag, and then bag it after the nug is weight out
  17. Put an empty bag (the exact same kind you're gonna use for the bud) on the scale. Hit tare, which sets it to 0. Put the bag of weed on the scale. Voila, the scale displays exactly how much weed you have in the bag. No worries of spilling weed or getting whatever shake is left off of the scale.
  18. Yeah, but if I paid for an ounce and got 28 grams, I'd be right fucking pissed off.
  19. I mostly just smoke shwagg or mids, being broke sucks. So I don't fret since it's cheap.
  20. then i would call you dumb, and if i sold it to you i'd tell you to fuck off and not buy from me again

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