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  1. that's why none of this made sense to me. thanks for the heads-up on the dent thing.
  2. I have come out of lurking just so I can respond to this thread.

    I have worked with fluorescent lighting extensively and never heard of this "polarity" issue.
    The second pin on each end is part of a starting circuit.
    Some commercial outdoor grade fluoros have only one pin on each end.

    I'm not trying to start shit, but I think this information is incorrect.
  3. Welcome to GC!

    You'll find a lot of bullshitters here, because on the Internet, no one checks facts. I myself have no idea who's right, I'm not trying to call one of you a bullshitter.

    I have a feeling looking up info on flouro tubes on Wikipedia would solve this debate, but since it's not my 'issue' I'm not even going to bother to look, but maybe those who are interested should check it out:

    Back to the orig issue: grams per watt.

    I can recall reading on this website that had a tool for calculating grow costs, that it said getting a half-gram per watt was pretty damn good. Not the *best* possible, but a newbie or inexperienced grower might have some difficulty getting 0.5 g/w. However, even Mr Green's (he has a video out on how to grow your own hydro) setup of 400W HPS would get him about quarter lb per harvest, and that comes out to about 0.3 g/w. This is more in tune with what I got when I grew.

    So it seems to me, that getting even 1 g/w is doing fantastic, and even more than that is almost impossible. Advanced Nutrients promises 2lbs per 1000W light (and supposedly you can achieve it using their products... check out Urban Grow show), which is like 0.9 g/w, which is still under 1. So for 2 or 2.5? I don't think it's possible.
  4. Don't let my username confuse you people.
    I'm not here to scare people.:devious:
    For the record, the wikipedia link confirms my story for as far as they go into the details.

    But YES back to the original topic. Grams per Watt.

    I have no experience there yet (coming quick) but what i read its a bit like this :

    Sux0R n00B : dead plant 0 grams per Watt.
    n00B (me) : hoping for 0.5 grams per Watt.:rolleyes:
    Average Joe : 1 gram per Watt.
    Ubergrower Jack : >2 grams per Watt.;)
  5. Yeah, seeing gpw in the title is what got my attention.
    I have recently gotten back into indoor again. Back in the old days I would usually pull almost(but not quite) a half pound from a 400 watt HPS in soil. It was usually just shy of 0.5 gpw. Of course I have a tendency to be impatient so I probably could have increased this by vegging a little longer.

    I now have a 600w digital HPS and about 3 weeks of flowering left. If what they say about digital is true then I should see more than 0.5 gpw. I would be happy with that.

    For sheer yield you just can't beat the sun and a good patch of ground.

    Also, strain will have a lot to do with it. I had an outdoor plant give over a pound, but the quality wasn't what I hoped for. Another strain growing right next to it had less than half a pound but was sweet tasting and much more potent.

    Here's some math:
    600w digital and A/C pulling about 300kWh per month at $.10 per kWh for 3 months = $90. Add some $ for nutes and other assorted expenses. Say as much as $150.

    Now if I can get 300 grams from this setup thats $.50 per gram!
    On a good day I can get some mexican schwagg for that price, but my shit is way better. Decent kind will cost you $3 or $4 around here, and my shit is better than most of that too.

    Even if you get really low gpw you will come out ahead.

    Wow...I have gone so long without posting and now I can't shut up....

    Let's see some more gpw numbers, and be honest now.
  6. My last "cabinet" grow was 8 plants under a 400W and each averaged about 3oz (dry). Let's just call it 2.5oz a plant. 2.5 oz x 28g/oz (roughly) = 70 grams/plant. 70 grams x 8 plants = 560 grams. 560g / 400W = 1.4g

    I'm not even a real "dedicated" grower either. I just set the stuff up and, more or less, let it fly on auto-pilot. But 1g/W is easily attainable.
  7. LOL:D A digital light bulb. Sounds like you have been smoking too much.
    Digital refers too semi-conductor technology on DC power. HPS = HPS.
    The only 'digital' bulb I know of is a LED.

    I am clueless to what it is you mean.:confused:
  8. maybe you've been smoking too much and not keeping up with the latest growing technology. He's referring to a digital ballast. And HPS does NOT = HPS. There are many differnt types of ballasts and many different types of bulbs that are all HPS and will give you drastically different results.

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