Grams per watt: reported or true watt?

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  1. Hi all! I'm familiar with the metric of dividing total weight by total watts to get an efficiency metric of grams per watt.

    When making this calculation, is the standard to use the reported watts (e.g., 300w panel) or to use the true watt output (e.g., 150 true watts that this panel draws)? I've done a search and most seem to use the reported watts.

    Any opinions? Has this changed? Thanks all!

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  2. Most people use the rated watts. It's just easier that way and makes for easier comparisons.
  3. I thought it was the true watts OS? Plus those grams are with optimal growing, not like a money back guarantee, lol I wish!

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  4. I've always heard that the optimum grams/watt ratio is 1:1. That being said I think you can only acheive that if you hit the spot with everything. Hope I helped, it never hurts to pack on a little extra lighting for bigger yields, just make sure the temprature is all right and there's good airflow.
  5. True watts is all that matters. The reported watts has nothing to do with growing or how strong the light is. For example the 300 of your light is the max the diodes can be ran at but they're not so they last longer. 300 is not an equivalency rating.
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