Gram's 3rd freeverse to 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch.. post for rep

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    Yo, guys check it out this is my third video...would love feedback
    [ame=]YouTube - Gram slays 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch[/ame]
  2. even if i do post for rep
    all you can give me
    is neutral rep
    which is purple
    which is about the equivelant of a half eaten pop tart.
    a half eaten poptard with none of that crunchy shit on the top.
    just strawberry filling.
    shits gross.
    but i like what you did there in that video bro
  3. batman, robin, joker, binladen,
    why dont u get the fuck back or im stompin,
    ill drop on your face bitch i dont tease,
    full respect to the greatest, arrest me please,
    cause your hating on an up and coming youngsta,
    i go back to the roots of hiphop, i come from unda,
    im cold like tundra, ill make u wonda,
    is he real or is he fake as the beat fucking thundas
    no hate "getajob" and thanks if u checked out the video...gza i appreciate the constructive criticism!
  4. good shit man...
  5. that was slick.

    who said i was hatin bro i complimented the video. just pointed out purple rep.
  6. haha naw my dude i wasnt sayin u was hating, i got caught up in the moment feel me? just put a few acapella bars on there watch out for the next vid itll be out real soon
  7. That video hurt my ears, eyes, and feelings.
  8. thats a no bueno then im guessin goodsmoke? dont worry haha ill come out with a video soon just for u....u like old school hiphop? if so then be on the lookout for my next freeverse to dead presidents it tells a story
  9. Mr.goodsmoke here knows how to deliver a tasty ass poptart

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