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Gram pick-up!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BakedBFWork, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Paid 20 bucks for 1.2 grams of sum local Home Grown... Shit smells Good and im thinking of geting an 1/8 from this new Guy:hello::smoking:[​IMG]
  2. 20 is alot for 1.2
    terrible picture
    from what i can see the weed has good colouring though!
  3. gram costs $20 where i live in chicago. cant stand ppl hating on prices
  4. Lol don't listen to Silly Willy, 1.2g for $20 is awesome if it's not bulk and some homegrown killa.
  5. damn pretty good bud man. 20 a g is how much it is over here to. but for 25 we get 1.7 so 20$ of weed sounds like a rip off to ME. But ya man that looks a little small but shit the scale doesnt lie i guess.
  6. Where I like you get about a gram for 5
  7. the bud looks pretty hairy from that photo, and if its some homegrown killa then hell yeah
    20/g for that sounds pretty official to me :smoking:
  8. good stuff man
  9. i got 1.2 for $10 of strawberry cough
    super heady high
    but yeah it's usually 1.2 for 20,
    my guy musta ganked the O or something ha

    nice pick up
    get an 8th! should be 50 no problem
    and 3.5 for 50 saves alot of money as opposed to 20/g
  10. Yea its very dense and very Orange hairs on it too:smoking:
  11. word!
  12. Of what schwag rofl?
    Unless you're buying in bulk haha
  13. not the best picture but doesnt look bad from what i can see. 1.2 for 20 isnt the greatest price but if its some fire than its not bad

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