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  1. Ok grasscity here is my topic ive been reading around and guys are saying they are chopping almost 2 grams a watt dry weight. Now i would consider myslef seasoned and i never cut corners on anything dirt, light, nutes and even co2 i suppercrop religiously and give my plant plenty of veg time and i dont think iam getting these results seems kinda crazy but almost 2 grams per watt dry dude thats 2000 grams on a 1000 watt bulb or close to it anyway just seem crazy ive gotten like .50 a watt at best does this seem wrong to anyone else? i know the strain has alot to do with it but ive grown some heavy hitters Chronic,Ak47 strains that yield and ive never once got a gram per watt dried and cured any advice or input on this would help me sleep a little better lol thanks guys:hello:
  2. I never get more than 1 per watt. what are your lights,dirt,nuets,etc ...
  3. k well i have like 2 setups i have venusflytrap from nirvana on a vertical scrog with a 1000 watt hortilux hps usiing ocean forest in 5 gallon smart pots all fox farm nutes. And sensizyme, bud candy, carbo load, and b52 ppms 1200 ph 6.6 co2 1400 ppms dude its pro and iam still not getting what these guys are saying 6x6 screen loaded with tops and i still dont see 1000 grams coming of it. Venusflytrap is a sativa dominant and i know its not a huge yield but i also have master kush and blueberry under a 1k and still prolly like .75 at very best just puzzles me someone is getting that kinda weight per watt i rlly dont know. Temps are perfect light cycle perfect conpletely dark ive covered all bases i think dont know what to do to get this kinda results any help?
  4. I had attended a MMJ seminar with Danny Danko and Nico Escondidio, Danko stated that to achieve 1g per watt you will have to have your total grow dialed in. Dank also said that a majority of growers are at the .5g- .7g per watt. What I have noticed over the years is that most Light companies are giving you to large of an optimum coverage. I have seen 6-7 ounce plants in a 5'x7' space under 1 1000 watt light with 8 plants LST'd. 56 ounces of ganja. To get a larger than normal harvest trap and box the light in as much as possible. If you go by 1000 watt per 5'x5' you can't go wrong as far as light coverage and intensity just make sure for suffeicent venting, GooD LucK
  5. I get 1 g per watt min with select o watt galaxy 1000 watt and great white hood vented 1000 watt solormax bulb on turbo pure coco 7 liter pots aka rose pots pineapple kush and cheese I been running same strain for over a year and yes dry and cured I can snap the stem nice and dense
  6. shit man iam a loser lol well its good to know that i think about it i could trap my light a little better and ive always kinda slacked on my reflection as far as hoods and mylar on walls and shit i usally just paint flat white...seems like i have some work to do:(
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  11. Oh well, if that's what they are saying then it must be true. No one has ever bragged about their yield... :rolleyes:

    GPW is a warped metric at best anyway. Without factoring in time it really has no meaning -- a plant vegged for 2 weeks vs. a plant vegged for 4 months in the same setup will yield different gpw. You can achieve higher gpw by vegging longer, giving a huge soil volume (at least 10 gallons), and using training techniques. But that still may not be the best path to maximizing the yield out of your space per year, more grows that are shorting in duration might end up yielding more over time.
  12. Grams per watt is a retarded measurement used by braggers and folks who need to sound smart.
    It will tell you nothing about nothing.

    And "dry weight"? What other weight would matter?

  13. intantly popped into my head too :smoke:
  14. I thing gram per watt is dum to I only posted it like that because that's the way I seen people post it.I like to say per plant because I cut dry cure then weight each I do clear trash bag cure what do you's do for cure
  15. "clear trash bag cure"? gotta google that one....
  16. check out rumples harvest guide
  17. A Gram per watt is not as hard as people think . Start with clones 2 per tub dwc use blue dream SS haze or grate white shark o yea elephant works to 4 clones per 18 gallon tub dwc 8 plants per 1000 watt to veg fin and super crop 4 week veg from clone ,then switch to 1 plant per ten gallon for flower then put them in to rows of 6 with a 1000 watt on mover over 600 vert for side lighting .after week 3 of flower put them in 18 gallon tubs one plant per tub 3 to 4 plants per row same 1000 on mover over same 600s side lighting with this system you will get 1 to 1.5 gpw
  18. i have read quite often that gram per watt (GPW) is not a good way to assess your yield, but for me it was and is interesting. obviously your GPW will increase with a longer veg cycle and longer flowering plant. well i am sure there are some acceptations to this assumption but as a generall rule that would make sens.
    I have only grown once and i really went to town on equipment, there are a lot of things i know i would buy for next time now though as high temps were almost a problem i would have air cooled shades and maybe squeeze another 600 in there. but what i had was an in/out fan speed controller to keep temps stable and 2 600watts with digital ballasts. i achieved almost 1:1 GPW though it was a sativa so 12 week flower. i was stunned to find i had 1:1 honestly i was prepared for half of that. but it goes to show what proper research and lots of TLC can do for you.
  19. Dumb Dumb and even Dumber.... young boys listening in on old  men farting on about "gramz per wot....!"
  20. i got 1.25 on the best grow of my life

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