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Gram Of Wax Vs Equivalent Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by just one toke, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. How much is a gram of good wax compared to dank weed. In actual thc amounts wax has close to 4x the thc that weed has so I'd assume 1 gram would be like 4 grams of weed, but I've heard some people say 1 gram can last as long as a quarter ounce or a half ounce of weed when dabbed. If one gram of wax is equivalent to a half ounce then like a .02 dab would get you as high as a bowl would. Is that true? I read some places that people say a .05 dab is massive when some people say they dab .3 at once. Is this just people having a massive tolerance or shitty hash? Idk I'm just trying to figure stuff out before I drop $150 on a dab setup and torch...
  2. Its a much different high, and depends on the person, you can compare its like saying what is the dank equivelent of a half of mids, know what i mean? Its all on the person but deffinately worth trying

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  3. That's a good question.
    I would guess that just because there is 4x as much thc, doesn't necessarily mean that you will absorb 4x as much thc. I see a lot of variables there.
    And everyone dabs differently, but a .3 dab is pretty massive. There was a video on this forum of a ".3 dab attempt", fun to watch but unnecessarily big imo for everyday tokes.
    Here's the thing, yes its more potent but its more expensive, its kinda a wash.
    At first you can really manage concentrate intake, but after awhile you will start to take bigger dabs and/or more dabs, then you'll be moving thru a gram of concentrate in no time.
    Dabs are cool but imo they shouldn't totally replace flower.
    I like to do both, a dab and a bowl or two. Its like a shot and a beer.
    That keeps my from blowing thru my stash of concentrates as fast and gets me a wider spectrum of a high
  4. I would say 1g of dabs is equal to a quarter in terms of highness. I would take the q though since it would last me a lot longer

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    Yeah people tend to dab too much at a time and that's a big waste since they're blowing most of it right out.
    I've found back to back tiny pinhead size dabs and hold them longer since small dabs don't make you cough, maybe 1-2mm in diameter on a T-pin really let you stretch out a gram and get higher than taking a big fat dab and coughing it out. That and a vape pen will really stretch your wax.
    Doing this I can definitely see a gram lasting 2-3 months of daily toking even. In the same amount of time I could go through about an ounce of bud if smoking and maybe a quarter ounce if vaping. So yeah it could definitely be anywhere from 1/4 to one ounce of flower depending on how good you're dabbing vs how good you're smoking. Two different skillsets here.
    I generally buy in bulk from a local producer of closed loop hexane and vacuum purged wax. And his prices start at $200 for a half ounce of concentrates, mix and match by the gram. He usually has 4 or so strain available from a Sativa, Indica and a couple hybrids. My next one since I'm also buying for other people to put together a pot of money to get better discounts, it can drop prices as low as $12 a gram for very high grade wax.
    It's very tempting to just take big fat dabs but I always worry about my tolerance especially when my friends and coworkers who smoke are laid out on the couch half asleep and I'm still drinking coffee and dabbing the night away.
  6. I personally would always take the wax over the weed.
    1. the wax will last you longer
    2. get you higher

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