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gram of ATL Strawberry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PezzPurpp, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Got so high i deleted the other pictures...ill take more later though but its just a gram

  2. Making my mouth water man. :)! The whole bud just looks so right for the blowin. :smoke:
  3. looks nice and frosty :smoke:
  4. thanks guys

    i dunno if its strawberry cough or kush i guess it doesnt matter lol

    but i think it looks pretty good
  5. probably cough
    because ive heard of it floating around the A
    but im jealous i cant get any here
  6. Looks flame as fuck...
  7. whereabouts in Atlanta?

  8. yeah before all ive got was cough ... thanks

    came from downtown
  9. Shit looks fire man.
  10. yeah thanks...what part of atlanta are you?

    and man my cameras aren't focusing well :( and now i got like .5 left but ill prob try again later today
  11. this must be sativa im still up
  12. damn that looks super dank haha. I'm not from ATL, but i've been there many times, last time i was there picked up some pretty good kush.
  13. super dank buds
  14. i love to smoke some of that lucky
  15. I believe this is my first post, but a loooong time lurker and I'm posting simply to say that I am truly jealous!

    I live in Mechanicsville right next to downtown and go to school downtown, and I can't find anything that looks that good. I think I definitely need to get some new connects. :mad:

    What other kind of dankness have you gotten from around here?

    Edit: apparently this is my second post.
  16. Really its just about who you know

    there are plenty of tokers around your area that know where to get fire like this, just gotta ask around

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