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Gram for £10?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakepriestley, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Alright GC, Im getting one gram of Blue Cheese for £10, but that seems pretty cheap to me? Is that a normal price for 1 gram ??
  2. seems alright if its blue cheese but i get an 8th for £20 and thats 3.5 grams
  3. Try and get 1.4g for £10.
  4. 1Gram for £10 is the lowest i will ever pay (have been known to pay £10 for .7 once, i was young, pissed and desperate haha). Make sure its bang bud and try and squeeze a little more out of your dealer (add a little bud and ill take it.. etc.)

    Average price around my ends are 1.5g for £10, but ill happily pay £10 a gram if its a legit named bud and its dry.
  5. Over here nobody would really sell grams mostly just 50 bags which a decent one is around 4.5g for unnamed bud and thats euro so consider yourself lucky haha
  6. Where I live in the UK £10 will get you about three decent kings worth of weed, dunno how many grams that is
  7. Yo where I live, it's 20 a G for normal shit.... Consider urselves lucky.
  8. Wow if I pay £10 where I live I get around 1.8g pretty good weed standard. Although I am good friends with my dealer ;)
  9. yea thats around $15 a g which is what we pay around here for good bud but some crazy bud people pay upto $25.
  10. i get £10 for a gram of skunk and £10 for 1.2 grams of thai (mids basically), so ye tenner seems ok
  11. The average prices where I live are £10-12 per gram. And it isn't even good stuff. :(

    Sucks where I live, but I'll survive on hash for the time being.

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