grafting... lets talk about it.

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  1. after seeing plenty of "successful" vids on youtube/other sites....

    i'm gonna give it a try, has anyone else done this first hand and lived to tell about it?

    i'm talking about grafting a clone onto a living trunk of a harvested plant :D (in order to use the root system already in place..

    for ease of use, lets say both the trunk and the clone are from the same geno
  2. Yes

    To a plant that vines like grapes and is a sativa
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    I graft black pine to white pine and different fruit trees to eachother all the time. Im in a horticulture class so we have to do it for the class.

    Grafting is a simple process once you get the hang of it. The hard part is getting the scion to take and survive. I would get about 5 scions prepared on the plant, all different strains and put them all around the main "trunk" in different areas. One or two of them would have to take. The most important thing is not to move the graft areas or the plant during the healing process (a month or more), you can damage the connections made beetween the plants phloem and the phloem of the newly connected scions.

    Another thing is the area were the graft was will always be weaker, so as the plant grows and gains wait you need to support the graft. it can pull apart very easily.

  4. thank you so much, that was VERY helpful +rep

    i'm gonna attempt this later this season :p:D :hello:
  5. in the time it takes to graft a new plant onto it's sister or brother. I can grow a new one.

    EIDT: this has been discussed ad nausea ,.. use the search function please.
  6. Look up muskad grapes

    Its a sativa plant!!!

    Its frost resistant!

    Its evergreen!

    It can be crossed due to very similar genetics, and the plant being a mutated hops version, highly medicinal seedles grapes,

    Its a freaking Sativa!!!

  7. Muskad grapes!!

    Mutated hops grape cross with sativa?

    Its thgge truth go google it

    Its a perfect motherplant and can possibly be cross polinated, who knosws? Maybe I was succsesfull, dno my plants are only 13" litle vines

    I don't own a lab but I'm getting there by being carefull and giving it a shitload of time
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    You don't have a clue about grafting. only plants in the same family can be grafted. Grafting dormant or evergreen woody plants is not the same as grafting herbaceous annuals. If you want to try this for experimenting ,go ahead, but don't think this is easy. Most of the u-tube vids are bogus crap with plant material taped to the mother plant. This is not a viable way to propagate MJ, you could propagate thousands of new cuttings before you would make a successful graft..

    If you have to ask about doing this on stoner forums your skill level for this type of advanced propagation is light years below the knowledge required to do this type of propagation. The grapes mentioned are not even listed correctly, it is Muscat grapes. Grapes are not even close to the same plant family as MJ, and would be impossible to graft together. All this stupid talk of psychoactive fruits and vegetables is junior high school nonsense.


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