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  1. So I saw a video the other day about this guy grafting some apple trees together in one plant so I naturally I went to google very interested I eventually went to Wikipedia.... It said that one of the pros where "induce fruitfulness without the need for completing the juvenile phase." So I was thinking of grafting maybe two or three cuttings to one stem and when it heals switch the light to 12/12 instead of cloning ...... Like I've heard of grafting different strains to one mother but I was thinking more Like the same strain to one stem of the same strain ....... I was thinking of doing this after my next harvest in about a month but instead of cutting the whole plant id cut as far up as possible and grafting some cutting or scion on to it but before that I wanted to gather some more information on grafting so if anyones done something like this before some advice would be nice ......
  2. Using grafting this way would probably work if you used a veneer graft or t-budding graft. If you had a strain that was heavily sativa and had long inter-nodal lengths you could add several additional stems to those empty stem areas.

    I don't think the results would be that great though. You could probably get it to work, but in the time it would take for the grafts to heal and start growing, you could have topped it several times and have just as many tops as you would achieve with grafting on clones.

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